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Testimonials: Managed Print Services, Copier and Office Equipment

Digital Document Solutions 

Digital Document Solutions are well established in Central Victoria, providing businesses, organisations and schools with personalised photocopier solutions, impressive service maintenance, and managed print services, including service outcalls and consumables.

They have a head office in Melbourne and branches in Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong.

These authorised Sharp and OKI dealers have an extensive reach, helping businesses across Victoria to eliminate productivity loss, and keep running smoothly.

“The first time I saw the software I was blown away by the features it had on offer. Most of them were things we had dreamed of with our old system, but thought they were unachievable."

Being able to "easily set up machines, streamline the meter reading collection processes and run numerous different reports based on limitless variables," immediately appealed to Bob.

“Mobile access has made a significant improvement to our service control and allocation of service calls. With 18 technicians across four branches, we no longer need to email or phone technicians with their next service call. They simply log in via their iPhone to the Jim2 Mobile app – from there they order parts, close calls, receive their next service call, and also get a full service history of the machines they are attending.

“Jim2 saved us between 40 and 50 man hours per month in meter reading collection alone. We have approximately 3,000 devices which require readings to be entered each month – that previously took two people about two weeks to complete. With the introduction of Print Audit and Jim2, we currently collect approximately 1,800 of these automatically, without any intervention from our staff.

“We’re seeing great results integrating vendor stock feeds and electronic purchasing from Dynamic Supplies. Making use of eBusiness Connect really simplifies the whole process of stock ordering, and speeds up our consumable delivery times to our clients,” Bob said – ultimately helping DDS to deliver great service to their customers by being smarter with their software.

“After implementing Jim2 in February 2011, since the first week we have been continually amazed at the number of features and benefits which come standard with Jim2. Even now, after using it for over 4 years, we are still finding helpful features and reports which assist in driving growth and profitability in our business.

”Along with savings in streamlining meter reads, the extensive reporting and management dashboard has also given us a detailed and accurate view of our overall business. We have also had a number of custom reports written, which were fairly inexpensive and simple to implement. We send one report to our finance partner for billing, which extracts meter readings from our Managed Print devices each month. This alone has saved our staff a full day’s processing," said Bob, further streamlining administrative tasks.

“The features and efficiencies provided by Jim2 are seemingly endless. Our imagination is the only boundary we have found to date. Jim2 is an easy to use but extremely powerful tool which DDS simply couldn’t operate without."

Bob Cotter
Group Manager, Digital Document Solutions

"My experience with Jim2 support staff have been helpful and pleasant exchanges, and I would especially like to point out and thank Clint for being very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable during our version upgrade transitions. All staff have been a pleasure to deal with, and that kind of welcoming support gives me peace of mind."

Melissa Little
Executive Assistant, Digital Document Solutions

Digital Document Solutions Website
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Next Office Tech

Next Office Tech (N.O.T.) has been selling and servicing office equipment in the Goulburn Valley and north east Victoria for over twenty five years. Founded on more than fifty-eight years of combined local and national service experience, specialising in photocopiers, fax machines, computers, printers and network solutions, N.O.T. offers a total office solution for all businesses, providing excellent sales and after sales service.

"The ability to track a job from being logged through to the final process on invoicing immediately caught our attention. The ability to link purchase orders to jobs to track the parts required is fundamental to our business to stop things falling through the cracks.

"The email support is great and the training was very good. We had someone get an overview of the whole system, which then made it easy after the implementation to answer questions within Next Office Tech.

"After a while, we realised the amount of information you can get out of the reports is unbelievable. We are in the process of setting up Jim2 eBusiness as well, providing us with eBusiness Meter Reads and a webpage where our customers and technicians can communicate with us about jobs, service, parts and faults."

John Montagner
Director, Next Office Tech

Next Office Tech Website
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Colourworks Australia Pty Ltd 

"The main advantages we have received from Jim2 are the email capability and Canon e-Maintenance meter reading imports via Jim2 eBusiness.

"First, email functionality – this has enabled us to link job sheets from our techs in the field to the job in Jim2, where previously these emails were saved in Outlook, making them very difficult to find at a later date. We are also using it to automatically create service jobs when service requests are emailed to us. This functionality makes Jim2 the centre of our service correspondence.

"Secondly, the ability to import meter reading files from Canon e-Maintenance is excellent. We have just completed our first billing run using this function and we estimate that it has saved our contracts administrator nearly 3 days of data entry with – 100% accuracy. By referencing and linking the job number, we are able to automatically attach technician job sheets to the job when they email them in."

Ashley Baxter, Director
Colourworks Australia Pty Ltd

Colourworks Australia Website

Wimmera Office Equipment 

Wimmera Office Equipment is an ever-expanding Australian business offering sales, service and advice on IT, photocopier and office equipment.

“After 24 years of stocktakes with several different software packages, I would like to say that the one we have just performed with the Jim2 stocktake function, has been the easiest, least hassled, quickest ever. Thanks guys." 

Craig Robertson
Director, Wimmera Office Equipment

Wimmera Office Equipment Website

Microtech DPS

"I have a branch in Griffith operating under a separate trading name, with head office in Leeton, New South Wales. Before Jim2, I used to have to be in Griffith for days on end every other week to make sure it ran well.

"Now, with Jim2 I have a live management tool, and everything I need to know is at my fingertips. Jim2 allows me time to manage my business, rather than work in it. On this alone Jim2 saved me, including travel time, 5-6 hours a week easily. It was a big investment for us, but it has been fantastic and easily paid for itself.”

Michael Franco
Managing Director, Microtech DPS
Microtech DPS Website


Testimonials: IT/Systems Integration/Corporate IT

HoneyBee International Pty Limited

"Moving our client onto Jim2 has gone well, which is a testament to how well put together Jim2 is – it was a breeze compared to other applications I’ve had to migrate in the past!"

Oussama Seifeddine
HoneyBee International Pty Ltd

HoneyBee International Website

Sterling IT

Sterling IT (previously known as Pacstar the Computer Doctor) provides both sales and service of IT products to the corporate, government, SME and public sector.

"Prior to implementing Jim2 Business Engine, I was trying to keep track of product, time, costs, employee activity and overall company performance by combining reports and information from up to five separate software applications and manual records. The key factors in my decision to move to Jim2 BE were:

  • That serialised products could be tracked in one path, and in one source – from purchase to sale and right through to returns, servicing and even replacements.
  • The rapid response time to Jim2 support questions and free email support makes a big difference when you are running your own business. I have given the team at Happen direct access to my database (via terminal server) so they can quickly and accurately identify an issue, and provide a prompt solution. The response on service has always been above our expectations. Dealing with a lot of other software companies in our business, I was reluctant to go to a proprietary product due to the lack of support, however Happen has removed any fears I previously had – and proven me wrong.
  • Jim2 BE is a SQL-based application, yet I can run it on standard hardware, with standard network settings. The speed of this application (compared to other software I have used) is remarkable, and truly adds to the efficiencies of my company. Even the backup process for Jim2 is (technically) impressive – file compression, automatic scheduling and fast to boot.
  • We are also an authorised service centre for Panasonic. Jim2 has been able to provide reports equivalent to another system we had written solely for the service centre (costing us in excess of $5,000).

"I am a big believer in ‘you pay for what you get’. In this instance I was wrong. The investment we made in the solution was minimal considering the amount of time and money it has saved us at all levels, from purchasing to sales to stocktake. It all adds up to serious time saving, that equates to real dollars in today's marketplace."

Mark Pace
Managing Director, Sterling IT

Sterling IT Website

Leading Edge Computers (130 stores Australia-wide)

Leading Edge Computers is the largest independent retailer of computer products in Australia. They are part of the Leading Edge Group – Australia's largest buying group for independently run retail stores. Leading Edge Computers' stores can be found all over Australia – from Bundaberg to Bunbury and Melbourne to Mt Isa. Happen Business' Jim2 Business Engine is the preferred supplier of ERP software to Leading Edge Computers.

Happen Business is proud to be the software system of choice for Leading Edge. Happen embraces Leading Edge's fierce independence, and actually facilitates this freedom through the flexibility of Jim2 Business Engine. Jim2 is a robust, enterprise quality accounting and workflow solution that is able to cope with the demands of all types of businesses found in Leading Edge.

Being a huge customer of Ingram Micro, the Leading Edge Computers' stores find features such as Jim2 eBusiness Connect (direct link to Ingram Micro through their ERP system) of huge benefit, offering real savings in labour and wages each month. Quicker quoting, ease of converting quotes into orders and always up to date prices and availability (again, all through Jim2 – their ERP system) offer real world advantages to each store using Jim2.

Leading Edge Computers Website

Here's what the Leading Edge Computers' members have to say about Jim2 Business Engine:

"I have to commend the team at Happen for producing a system which has the functionality and versatility which I never knew was available within one package. We now have the ability to monitor and manage our business with improved workflow, stock management, point of sale and business reporting.

"Since installing the Jim2 business system, my staff can concentrate on performing their duties far easier and more efficiently. Our accounts manager has even managed to reduce her working hours to perform her tasks, thus saving us wages.

"Computer West had been reasonably happy with our previously installed accounting system software. The actual fact is that, since installing the Jim2 business system, we never really knew what we had been missing. Well done and keep up the good work."

Peter Maccora
Managing Director, Computer West Pty Ltd (Busselton, WA)


Testimonials: Warehousing & Distribution

James Street Tool and Machinery 

James Street Tool and Machinery supplies Queensland with quality hand, air and power tools, along with workshop machinery and safety equipment.

"I would just like to thank Happen for the commitment the team has put into the latest release. This has been a fantastic update to an already great software package.
The addition of document control and the ability to enter payment directly against a job without the need to go to the debtors payment screen is a huge benefit to my retail business.

"The installation of the update was a quick and simple process. Please pass on my thanks to all at the Happen team."

Peter Apsey
Owner, James Street Tool & Machinery
James Street Tool & Machinery Website

NAK Hair – Only a Hairdresser Knows;

NAK’s primary business is selling to the professional hairdressing trade in all states of Australia. NAK exports their products and sells throughout all of Europe. They have distribution warehouses in QLD, SA, WA, as well as Amsterdam (Netherlands).

"We were facing issues with management reporting, stock, multiple locations, invoicing, billing and general business processes. We knew there was a lot more we could get out of NAK with the right system. MYOB was definitely not handling the growth that NAK was experiencing. We were having difficulty handling stock in various locations. We needed a much more comprehensive business management system.

"The immediate differences Jim2 Business Engine made were proper management reporting and improved process in invoicing and stock handling. Being a sales driven business in every sense of the word, the reporting available to our sales people using Jim2 has been extremely important, and has resulted in a major improvement to our bottom line. Jim2 makes great sense, has fantastic support, and is worth every cent. We’re extremely happy we went with Jim2 Business Engine.”

Leo Hannan
Operations Manager, NAK Hair

NAK Hair Website
View the NAK Hair case study


Testimonials: Manufacturing and Engineering

Norweld Aluminium Ute Trays and Canopies

“One of our best decisions regarding Jim2 has been the migration to the Jim2.Cloud. This has been one of the biggest changes to how we use Jim2, and most beneficial from the redundancy it gives. In 2017, our server was hacked in a ransomware attack. All programs hosted on the server were immediately not accessible – including Jim2. All staff, from the workshop employees to the managing director, experienced a substantial amount of disruption as a result of no system access.”

Once disaster struck, Happen worked with Norweld to set up user access to Jim2.Cloud’s remote app and restore the most recent copy of the database to the platform to reconnect staff.

“By migrating to Jim2.Cloud, we were able to access our ERP system and resume operations quickly. And it proved to be a blessing in disguise. When we were subjected to a second attack on our server a month later, the built-in redundancy provided by the cloud meant that our team experienced very minimal disruption. We could still access Jim2 from the cloud and continue our day-to-day operations.

“As our offices are located along the east coast of Australia, the ability to travel and access Jim2, provided we have an internet connection, is one of the major benefits of Jim2.Cloud. It has been instrumental in the establishment of new satellite operations, as we can operate in an office environment if we have an internet connection. Coupled with minimal potential impact of digital security threats, Jim2.Cloud is the best solution for anyone looking to utilise Jim2 in their business.

“After using Jim2 for over two-and-a-half years, we have come to have a thorough understanding of our needs and requirements for what an ERP system should do. One of the key factors that will have the biggest impact on your business and ERP is knowing your cost of goods sold. Jim2 allows us to track our material and labour costs down to the cent, which in turn allows us to make decisions that will increase productivity and profitability.

“Being a manufacturer of many small items that are included in our finished products, the ability to integrate the multilevel manufacturing capability into our ERP has been a game changer. We can manufacture, stock and deplete items accurately, and have a thorough understanding of our raw material and labour costs as well.

“Another added advantage to converting to multilevel manufacturing means that we can stock component items ready to include in the finished manufactured items. It also means that as a business we can measure and assess our stock holdings at various locations."

Isaac Edmiston
Director of Sales & Marketing, Norweld Australia

Norweld Australia Website
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Australian Innovative Systems 

Australian Innovative Systems (AIS) is a Brisbane-based specialist manufacturer of Autochlor salt water chlorination systems. Its product suite includes high-performance salt chlorination systems for various applications in the water purification and swimming pool industry.

“We thought migrating from our old system to Jim2 would be impossible! But Happen Business showed us how easy it was going to be. The implementation team were absolutely wonderful – they had it all up and running, with our staff trained within a week."

According to Elena, Jim2 works beautifully alongside AIS’ business model.

“The multicurrency feature is so important for our invoicing. With the previous system I was usually hesitant to allow staff to invoice overseas customers while I was on business trips. Now, with Jim2 I trust that the invoicing is accurate.

“Jim2 provides complete information about workflow operations, from materials ordering, production, sales and marketing through to shipping and delivery.

“Jim2 works alongside our strategy, helping me save time on administration, and concentrate on winning new business overseas!”

Elena Gosse
Executive Director, Australian Innovative Systems

Australian Innovative Systems Website
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Windeyer Continuous Hinges Pty Ltd

"Jim2 gives us an invaluable insight into our work. By being able to create jobs from quotes, link the quote and related emails to each job, and add comments is priceless – truly nothing gets lost.

"Add to that the functionality to link drawings and documents to our manufacturing parts, and the ability to manage workflow by job status has been key to finishing jobs faster and invoicing sooner."

Martyn Windeyer
Director, Windeyer Continuous Hinges Pty Ltd

Windeyer Continuous Hinges Website


Testimonials: Service, Consulting and Retail

Pozitive Signs and Graphic Supplies (Positive Camtec Pty Ltd)

"I am sitting in Rouse Hill at a coffee shop, happily working away in Jim2, and it occurred to me how fantastic Jim2 really is. I am not exaggerating when I say that the switch from a well-known business package to Jim2 a few years back literally saved our business.

“It's probably rarely said, but thank you so much for your ongoing support – the team in the Happen office is always ready to help, are efficient and professional, and it's important that you all know how much we appreciate that.

"Jim2 has opened up a level of transparency on our business, and instigated workflows and processes that we simply take for granted now. But thinking back to how things were with our previous package, I can't even begin to imagine how we operated like that."

Phil Trumble
Managing Director, Positive Camtec Pty Ltd

Positive Camtec Website

Watermatic Irrigation 

Watermatic Irrigation are leaders in smart water management. Founded in 2002, they service Sydney’s upper north shore region, and offer a comprehensive range of irrigation products, expert advice and installation services to a broad range of clients. From homeowners, landscape and irrigation contractors, local councils and schools, to government departments, golf courses and nurseries, Watermatic Irrigation provide solutions in all shapes and sizes, and needed software to grow with them and enable them to perform at their best.

“Visibility is invaluable. Now admin is done onsite, we don’t have the risk of paper being lost. Every detail is organised, and jobs are flagged with a status –  which is huge for us. We have a large amount of jobs on the run at any one time, and now we know exactly where each job is at.

"One thing’s for sure, complete transparency makes us look far more professional."

James Simpson-Lee
Managing Director, Watermatic Irrigation

Watermatic Irrigation Website
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Safety & Rescue Equipment Pty Ltd

Safety & Rescue Equipment Pty Ltd is a division of Safety & Rescue Australia Pty Ltd, and specialises in height safety, confined space and rescue. Based in Western Australia, Safety & Rescue Equipment supplies a diversified range of equipment, and sources the best equipment for any related hazard. The team at Safety & Rescue Equipment is dedicated to specialist safety products and providing reliable, accurate advice. For more than a decade Safety & Rescue Equipment has continued to strengthen its position as a market leader in this field.

"As a small business, migrating to new business management software can be daunting. However, Happen Business' implementation team ensured that the process did not cause any disruption to the company, and we are very happy with the customer care we received from Happen Business.

"With Jim2, our administration time has been cut by 50%, allowing our staff to focus on the important things such as electronic services and marketing. The software paid for itself in the first 12 months."

Roger Jones
Manager, Safety & Rescue Equipment Pty Ltd

Safety & Rescue Equipment Pty Ltd Website
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Brandworx is a family owned business with over 25 years' experience in supplying both large and small corporate bodies from a wide range of industries throughout Australia. They are the leading specialist provider of corporate and workwear, safety products (PPE), footwear, leisure and sportswear, promotional products, corporate gifts, and inhouse embroidery and printing. The Brandworx client base includes coal mines, metal fabrication, contractors for Bluescope, BHP, builders, employment services, general tradesmen, clubs, office workers, councils, and the general public.

"We have been extremely pleased with Jim2. The implementation and training was of a very high standard, which made the process of changing over to a new system a very smooth transition.

"The program looked impressive and we were excited at the prospect of the immediate and up-to-date information that Jim2 produced for our business.

"I particularly liked the idea of being able to run job lists to be able to see the exact progress of the jobs and when they are due. I also liked the profit report that could be run for each job."

Kerrie Richardson

Brandworx Website
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