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Jim2® Business Engine v4.3

This power-packed release features new promotional/bid/contract pricing features, commission sessions, vendor stock flow additions, and much more.

Take a tour of this brand new version of Jim2 Business Engine.

Promotional Pricing

Introducing exciting new tools to manage promotional, contract or bid pricing in Jim2.

With flexibility to create promotions in a multitude of ways, this awesome new feature serves up the tools to target your big new promotion to any customer. And when we say any, we mean literally any!

You can set up promotions targeted to:

  • Everyone! All active customers in your database;
  • A select customer;
  • A select customer group;
  • A specific price level;
  • A specific project:

for start and end dates (including time), a specific currency, including a reference of your choosing, and much more.

Run multiple promotions in Jim2 and have complete confidence in pricing, with the proof of the promotion's success in real time reporting from Jim2.

Managing multiple promotions over the same period can be confusing for staff. To make it foolproof at the time of purchase, Jim2 helps you to prioritise promotions using a ranking system, with breaks that tell Jim2 which promotion to apply.


Commission Sessions

Calculate, track and reconcile staff commissions in Jim2 with complete accuracy. Rather than manipulating data in an excel spreadsheet to calculate staff commissions, set up calculations in Jim2, run a Commission Session which gives you an overview of all the active line items where commission applies, and be able to drill down into the jobs and stock where the figures come from.

This feature is incredibly flexible, offering numerous different commission structures for your staff. Commissions can be calculated at a stock or job level to really give you control over what's in scope. Calculations can be based on floor cost, percent, and/or extra per unit value formulas, which are able to be captured automatically (and can even be manually entered) before or after a job/purchase is invoiced.


Stock Flows

We've included a new enhancement to purchase orders at a line level that lets you capture when each stock line is due to be delivered to you by the vendor. This new due date ties into a new master list called Stock Flow.

The new Stock Flow screen shows users a running list of active purchase orders that can be sorted by vendor date due, the linked job date due, and more.


Copy/Move/Merge Function

This new addition brings time savings to help users easily transfer or combine the contents of jobs or quotes in Jim2.

It's a great feature when you need to invoice a portion of stock currently on a quote, or when there are two active jobs in the system which are in fact the very same request.

Three new options enable users to:

  • Copy stock lines from one job or quote to another.
  • Move stock, comments, emails (including attachments and/or labour from one job or quote to another.
  • Merge stock, comments, emails (including attachments) and/or labour from one job or quote to another, and cancel the discarded job/quote.

Perfect for your sales and service teams to make adjustments in Jim2 without losing important details or creating an administration headache.


Enhancements to Jim2 User Interface

Search Ribbon Field

Can't find what you're looking for
in the Jim2 Ribbon? Use the new Search Ribbon field to navigate
Jim2 with ease.

You'll find the new Search in the 
Quick Access Toolbar (above or below the ribbon, depending on  how you have it set up), or you can use the keybord shortcut Ctrl+L to start searching quickly.

Start typing and the Search field
will display the matching section in the ribbon for you to jump to.

Clean, Flat Look and Auto-hide Scroll Bars

This release sees a new clean, flat look introduced to Jim2, which is particularly noticeable in Jim2 Scheduling. Presenting softer lines for an appealing task-focused look, this release also features new auto-hide scroll bars across Jim2 to maximise space on the screen. Just hover over the scroll indicator to show the scroll bar.


Plus, Much More

Once available, we recommend that existing users of Jim2 Business Engine, specifically running the on premises platform, should upgrade to the latest free upgrade.

Customers running Jim2.Cloud will be advised when Happen Business will perform the upgrade for you.

Visit the Latest Update page to read the technical requirements for this release, plus the complete rundown of features and enhancements outlined in the Jim2 Business Engine v4.3 Release Notes.


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