Log and View Service Jobs Online with
Jim2® eBusiness Service

Featuring Google Maps Australia integration

Jim2 eBusiness Service is an optional addition to our Jim2 product range that allows your customers to add and view the status of service jobs online through a webpage. Jim2 eBusiness Service also allows your technicians/engineers to change and update jobs while on the road via a webpage. Technicians can change status (eg. change status to 'Ready to Invoice'), add labour and labour comments online.

Jim2 eBusiness Service Notification Services allows you to send business alerts (emails) when adding or editing a job using certain rules, ie. if status of a job changes, email can be sent to your Operations Manager or Service Manager.

Jim2 eBusiness Service simply works within any web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge), and seamlessly integrates into your Jim2 Business Engine back end system.


Online Entry of Service Jobs

(Service request by a customer)

Each customer (ie. card file record in Jim2) will support multiple users. Your business will be able to control which contacts for a customer can log on to your web site.

Once logged on, customers will be able to create service jobs. All jobs entered by a customer will have the customer number set to the card file that their contact belongs. The following details can be entered by the customer:

  • Ticket title
  • Operating system
  • Problem type
  • Problem severity
  • Additional customer contact (optional).

Problem type and severity will be selected from a predefined list of choices. Other details will be entered in freeform text and will appear on the job as a comment.

When the customer has logged the service request, an email will be sent to your nominated representative within your business (eg. Service Manager, Operations Manager etc.).

In this screenshot, you can the see web page that is dynamically linked with the Jim2 database, allowing your customers to request a service job. The request by the customer immediately enters the Jim2 workflow.


Customer Online Job Status/List

(Customers can view their jobs)

The customer will be able to view all their active and closed jobs via Jim2 eBusiness Service.

Filtering criteria will allow you to fully customise exactly what your customers see on the web page in terms of job detail.

The following job details will be able to be viewed from the Job List screen:

  • Job #
  • Customer reference
  • Status (mapped from Jim2 status to web status).

In this screenshot, the customer can see the progress of a series of jobs (Job 291,123,121, 118 etc). Status can be customised to suit your particular industry.


Customer Online View/Update Job

The customer will be able to view and update their jobs online. The framework will allow you to fully customise exactly what your customers see on the web page in terms of job detail.

The following job details will be able to be viewed from the Update Job screen:

  • Job details
  • Status (mapped from Jim2 status to Web status)
  • Comments (only comments marked as include will be displayed to the customer).

A customer will be able to add comments to the job.

When a comment is added:

  • The status can be changed
  • The account manager/technician can be emailed

In this screenshot, the customer can see job details and the comments that have been included on the job, they can also make comments on the job.


Technician Online Job Status/List

(Your service technicians can run a job list while on the road via the same web page)

Your service technicians can run job lists while on the road using Jim2 eBusiness Service. The job list can be filtered by:

  • Customer code
  • Status
  • Item
  • Customer reference
  • Date periods.

In this screenshot, the service technician has run a list of all current (active) jobs.


Online Editing Job Detail

(Where your technician updates a job online while out on the road)

Once logged on, users (technicians/engineers) will be able to edit service jobs. The following details can be added by the user:

  • Actual labour
  • Actual labour comments
  • Job comments
  • Change job status
  • Fault description.


Online Notification Services

Once logged on, an automatic notification (business alert email) can be configured to be sent when a job is added or edited based on various business rules such as:

  • Status due date
  • X time period of status due date
  • Job due date
  • Job type
  • Whether you're editing or adding a job
  • Particular status of a job.

Google Maps Feature

Once out on the road, your technician can use Jim2 eBusiness Service to look up customer details and, with the click of a button, gain access to all the functionality of Google Maps:

  • Actual map of the customer's physical address
  • Get directions
  • Street view.



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