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Jim2 MPS Connectors directly integrate your Jim2 Business Engine with:

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Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition box Managed Print Services
Business Management and
Accounting Software

Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services (MPS) Edition is industry-specific software that automates your copier counts/meter reads and aggregate billing, effectively manages your sales and service departments, keeps on top of manufacturer stock pricing, as well as managing the accounts, scheduling, contracts, reporting and business analysis for your business.

Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition is developed and supported in Australia specifically for those in managed print services, office equipment, stationary, and mixed IT services.

  • Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition is an integrated solution that offers efficient invoicing and billing.

  • Reduce your administration costs and double handling – your entire operation is managed from within one business system.

  • Optional industry connectors and web-based copier count/meter reads see automation of manual, labour-intensive tasks which save your business time and money.

  • Advanced Stock Control keeps track of all the assets of your business.

  • Tools to analyse key performance indicators, such as individual 'machine profit'.

  • Available via an on premises or cloud platform delivered as an App.

Created specifically for the managed print services (MPS) and photocopier industry

After consultation with the Australian MPS and copier industry, Happen Business found that there was a need for business software that could keep pace with the changing face of the copier business, and also to automate a lot of the processes that are associated with running a profitable copier sales and maintenance business.

Happen Business developed Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition as a powerful all-in-one multi-user Enterprise Resource Planning solution that streamlines and simplifies accounts and administration, service management and meter requests of your copier business. Since it's beginnings, this powerful package has evolved beyond the managed print space to match the multifaceted nature of one-stop shop for businesses.


One piece of software that manages your entire business

Jim2 manages every aspect of your business workflow cycle, including stock control, sales, service management, contracts, and customer contact. Its strengths also include email integration/job ticketing, document management, scheduling, invoicing, rock solid financials, and reporting.

In addition to all the existing features of the core Jim2 Business Engine, our Managed Print Services Edition focuses on the parts of your business that matter the most:

  • Professional copier-specific reports
  • Premium aggregate billing (consolidated billing)
  • Page count billing including automatic requests for meter reads
  • Automatic calculation of billing (including minimum charges)
  • Parts stock control
  • Machine profit
  • Service management
  • Multi-party billing (ie. manufacturer, customer)
  • Flexible billing periods
  • Meter copy kits which allow income from a meter to be split between, say, sales and service
  • Direct debit functionality to collect payment sooner.

In fact, take a look at 16 Ways to Innovate Your Managed Print Services Business with ERP Software to learn how you can innovate and streamline tasks to boost profitability.

Jim2 is available in a number of different editions, including this industry specific edition in an on premises or cloud platform. Learn about our platforms, editions and optional functionality by visiting our comparison tables.

Get smart about consumables

Take a proactive approach to consumables supply. Move to just-in-time fulfillment using integrated functionality of Jim2 Business Engine. Using the consumables preview pane as a fuel guage on how quickly your customers are turning over toners, have insights on hand to make decisions on the spot. Is this supply free or chargeable?

Features and Functionality of Jim2® Managed Print Services Edition

Happen Business is focused on offering the latest technology to managed print services businesses. Here's an overview of regular enhancements made to this industry specific edition in past software updates.

Jim2 Version 3.3 enhancements included:

  • Robust billing engine purpose built for managed print services industry, which takes into account a myriad of different billing types, including split billing and unders/overs billing. This splitting out of charges can also give you an effective tool to determine clients who are consistently doing over their minimum allocation:
    • Bill clients on different frequencies – charges on a single machine or contract can be billed to any number of clients at different frequencies.

    • Tracking or 'non billable' meters – setting up your machine's meters with the rental component and marking it as 'non billable' allows you to track the rental component.

    • Charges based on date range – you may have some meter charges that only apply for certain date ranges. This might be because a particular charge doesn't come into effect until the second year of a contract, or you may want to set up increased charges ahead of time. Now you have that flexibility.

    • Auto balancing or 'Clawback Under' charges – in a perfect world clients would send in their readings on time, and your billing process would be straightforward. In the real world, you need to be able to bill a client their minimum charge without receiving one or more reads. Now you can optionally allow for any under charges to be used to offset any over charges the client may have in the following month.
  • Maintaining Master Contracts has been greatly simplified by allowing changes to the master that can be pushed to all child machines. Track every page against the master contract to determine how far through a volume-based contract your client actually is, and tailor your offerings to client needs. 

  • Black, colour and scan meter setups can bill different customers and rates for standard, unders and overs billing. 

  • Consumables preview pane allows you to view all yield information on consumables, such as toners, fusers, servicing, and when these were last supplied.

Jim2 Version 3.2 enhancements included:

  • New Billing Periods – you can set up your projects to bill in weekly and fortnightly cycles, in addition to current cycles.

  • Display and choose Projects when adding Jobs – You can automatically force the project selection screen to display upon entering a job where the Cust# CardFile has a project or machine.

  • New Stock Macros – For prepaid pages and for master machines.

  • New Email and Description Macros – For page tequests and for billing jobs.

  • New Master Meter Type has been added which accumulates both black and colour meters to determine the agreement minimum volume.

  • Master Over Rates – A secondary rate has been added to the masters which pages exceed the agreed volume are charged at. Child machines are adjusted proportionally to reflect the new rate.

  • New Automated Meter Reads – Jim2 supports Print Audit and Ricoh Direct.

Jim2 Version 3.1 enhancements included:

  • Prepaid pages – also called 'CopyBlock'. 

  • Machine meter price revision date – bulk update your machine meter pricing via a machine list using the revision date.This is perfect for contracted annual CPI increases of meter charge rates.

  • Debtor/Creditor Contra – Jim2 will make your reconciliation of your vendor rebates easier with the new facility to allocate debtor and/or creditor payments to each other. A Jim2 report also makes reporting of the reconciled account simple. (Especially for those of you who are Canon dealers.)

  • FM AUDIT (PrintSolv) Integration.

  • Ricoh @Remote integration.
top eBusiness Meter Reads screen

Jim2® eBusiness Meter Reads

eBusiness Meter Reads automate your meter read collection every month

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads (included in Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition) is an easy, user friendly way for your clients to submit their meter reads to you via a simple webpage interface, saving you hours of data entry per month.

Your customers can enter their meter reads via a simple customisable web page which feeds into Jim2 automatically – no re-keying needed. Built-in error checking prevents customer data entry mistakes, and ensures correct billing. Jim2 then automatically creates your billing jobs – thus ensuring you are ready to invoice as soon as you have the meter reads.

Jim2 eBusiness Meter Reads works seamlessly with Jim2 eBusiness Service (optional addition). Jim2 eBusiness Service allows customers to log service jobs via the web and includes additional photocopier related features including ‘Request Service’ and ‘Request Consumables’.


Jim2® eBusiness Connect Vendor Feeds

Integrate vendor stock feeds within Jim2

With Jim2 Business Engine as your complete business accounting software, Jim2 eBusiness opens up a whole new world of time savings, and automation of repetitive tasks. You can now enjoy looking up your suppliers' pricelists from within Jim2, rather than calling, emailing or looking online for prices.

We have a number of vendors on board for Jim2 eBusiness: Ingram Micro, Dicker Data, Dynamic Supplies, Ricoh and more. Visit our integration page for all vendors.

We have developed a 'generic' feed method for Jim2 eBusiness so that you have the ability to bring absolutely any supplier's pricelist into Jim2 Business Engine. All you need to do is call us!


Jim2 Manage Print Services Meter Read Connectors for manufacturers Jim2® Managed Print Services Meter Read Connectors

Jim2 can integrate with the industry-leading MPS software and machines directly to automatically bring in meter reads, service requests, consumables requests, and then prepare your billing. Take processing meter reads from days down to just minutes. Read more about Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services' range of branded Connectors

Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition currently integrates with the following MPS tools:


Innovate Your Business

  • See how consumables are trackingJim2 Mobile, empowering staff with functionality specific to managed print services, to record meter reads and view consumables history. Jim2 Mobile gives your sales and service staff anywhere access to jobs, quotes, scheduling, stock, documents, email, and more – in real time.
  • Jim2 Retail/POS, streamlining cash drawer, till reconciliation and optional EFTPOS functionality in one solution.
  • Jim2 eBusiness Service, which enables your customers to book service jobs online, and follow their progress.
  • Making the move to managed services? We invite you to take a look at adding Jim2 Managed Services functionality to the Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition, including added project management,
    recurring billing, and prepaid labour features.


Jim2® Managed Print Services Edition Reports 

Accurate and relevant reports at your fingertips

“Jim2 enabled us to get to where we want to be. We have increased our turnover with a 20% reduction in staff. It has definitely increased our efficiency. It was the fully integrated service and accounting that was the one thing other solutions couldn’t do.

We were operating with 17 staff when we implemented Jim2. Now we’re operating with 13 staff,
with a higher turnover and profit. Jim2 paid for itself in the first twelve months."

Matt Gravestocks, Company Director, Murray Computer & Office Shop, Murray Bridge, SA

Meter Report – Analyse your contracted machines performance

The Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition includes the Meter Report, a comprehensive report giving total page counts revenue and costs for each machine in a list for all meter information collected for that machine. This may include scanner meters, fax meters, print meters as well as 'minimum charge' and 'base charge' information. Using the powerful List functionality, drill down on your 'machines in field' for period, make/model, contract type, machine type, priority, technician, client and/or site and much more, including any combination. Save the report for use in Excel or other spreadsheet or BI applications for further analysis.

Machine Cost Per Copy – Quickly analyse your cost structure based on cost per copy for your entire MIF or for Individual machines Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition’s Cost per Copy reports support unlimited meters so you can analyse colour as well as black meters. Other systems in the market just analyse the CPC for total pages of a machine – Jim2 Managed Print Services Edition analyses even scanner meters if you wish. You can even analyse machines under ‘prepaid page' contracts. Using the List functionality you can drill down on your MIF for detailed analysis of your contracts by customer, make/model, contract type, and much more. This report can be printed or saved in Excel format for further analysis or comparison.

Machine Profit Report – by a list of machines or by individual machine

The Individual Machine Record gives a financial history summary or detailed report for all jobs (calls) for a machine record. This report includes billing details (pages or clicks sold), actual labour and billed labour (if applicable), and all parts and toner used. The Machine Profit Report can also be run on a machine list, designed to analyse your MIF and provide financial data (GP margin) using the powerful 'Jim2 Lists' functionality.

And many more reports cover all aspects of your copier business

  • Job Profit Report – Analyse the profitability of all jobs and callouts for a technician or any other criteria (eg. serial number)
  • Machine Response Report – Analyse service response times to close a call vs contracted response times. Jim2 List functionality allows detailed analysis of your contracts.
  • Stock Profit Report – Generic report(s) in Jim2, which is very useful to analyse at a product group (or individual stock code) level, the financial information (revenue and profit/margin) for that group. Analyse income and margin for other consumables ordered by a customer not included in contract, eg. for staples etc
  • Machine List – Page Request Form – Meter request run from a list, with or without displaying previous meter read
  • Machine List – Page Request Test – Meter request test
  • Machine List – Machine – Machine Contract details, Detailed and Profit Margin by Machine #
  • Machine & Machine Detailed – Machine contract details, detailed report includes jobs and other information related to that machine
  • Machine – Page Request Form – Meter read (for reprint), with or without meter count
  • Parts Spend – Reports on parts used and cost for a list of jobs (callouts).

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