Manufacturing Manufacturing Scheduling made simple with our Manufacturing Software

Jim2 Business Engine does all the hard work for you, in real time, as your products are manufactured.

Jim2 Business Engine is the perfect business software match for manufacturers, allowing you to monitor the manufacturing process live, then automatically updating inventory levels and General Ledger entries on completion.

Bill of Materials Manufacturing

  • Build production BOM’s that can include depleting, non-depleting, ‘special’ stock and even labour

  • Stock lookup includes Quantity Count by location – and for manufactured stock will show number of units pending (in manufacture)

  • Set realistic ‘Due Dates’ and process status on your manufacturing jobs, and use ‘Create Similar’ for cyclical manufacturing

  • On completion of the manufacture process, you can choose to adjust final number of successful units before committing count to stock-on-hand

  • On ‘manufacture’ Jim2 will automatically take the COGS value for any Depleting and Special Stock included in manufacturing that product, and move it from (raw material) Stock On Hand asset accounts then place it into the (complete product) Manufactured Stoc – Stock On Hand asset account

  • You can choose to ‘un-manufacture’ and Jim2 will return depleting and special stock used back to (raw material) stock-on-hand count

Dynamic & Static Kitting

  • Kitting Stock is a method to 'bundle' combinations of depleting/non-depleting/labour/Special and Applied Stock to sell as one product

  • Dynamic Kitting allows you to drop and drag additional products ad hoc into the Kit Frame when Quoting/Selling

  • Static Kitting or ‘manufacturing on the fly’ does not allow ad hoc changes to kit content when selling or quoting

  • ‘Kitting wizard’ that allows you to select from a range of products, limiting the choices your staff can make in selecting contents for the kit

  • Great for use in the IT industry – especially for system building – but suitable for any industry

  • Kit selling prices can be calculated automatically by Jim2 (adds up the selling price on each stock line used in the kit) or set at the Kit level

  • Kit contents can be set/changed to ‘show or hide’ on quotes or invoices

Serial Number Tracking

  • For Quality Control, vendor return or recall purposes, you can choose to trace serial numbers of specific (depleting) stock

  • You can elect to record product serial numbers on Purchase (inward receipt), on Sale (outward) or not at all

  • Use Jim2 powerful and fast list search to confirm whether you have ever sold or purchased a specific serial number

  • Stock ‘look-up’ accepts serial # scan for fast searching

Batch Tracking

  • Define multiple product attributes such as batch number, expiry date that you can choose to track on specific (depleting) stock

  • You can elect to record individual product attributes on Purchase (inward receipt), on Sale (outward) or not at all

  • Use the powerful and fast List search in Jim2 to confirm whether you have ever sold or purchased by any combination of attributes filtered by standard search parameters such as sold date ranges

  • Attributes can be defined as ‘bound’ or ‘unbound’ lists (staff must choose from a set list of attributes), integers, real numbers, dates and even to be a ‘checkbox’

  • Attributes can be set to be ‘Required’ (must be recorded on purchase or sale) and to either ‘show’ or ‘hide’ on invoice

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