Jim2® Job Management Software ideal for Job Tracking

The 'live drill-down' workflow overview in Jim2 is unique in Australian Job Scheduling Software.

The Job Tracking features in Jim2 make it easier for your team to do their job and reduces the effort to record what they do. We put you in control of your business like never before.

Jim2 provides insights and analysis of your business at a glance. If you want to see how your business is performing – jobs, clients, people, departments, and where the problems are – the Job Management Features in Jim2 are for you.

The key Job Management software features in Jim2 allow you to:

  • Define Your Services
  • Drill Down into your Jobs as they are happening (Live Drill Down)
  • Automate due date/due time
  • Process start/stop triggers
  • Actual vs Billable Labour Tracking
  • Service Contracts
  • Productivity Reporting

An integrated ERP System, Jim2 incorporates workflow, job-costing, accounting and business analysis, making the tracking, management and costing of every job as comprehensive and effortless as possible. Jim 2 Job Management Software is the key to improving the financial success of your business.

Live drill-down job overviews Staff and Management can create their own Lists (of Jobs, Purchases, Quotes, Debtors, Creditors) to monitor and work from:

  • Mouse-click drill down to individual Job, Purchase, Quote, Debtor and Creditor records to view or edit
  • Jim2 includes ‘live lists’ that can be set to refresh at specified intervals, so users can keep an eye on Jobs as they change status
  • Drop-and-Drag column sorting to give you your preferred views
  • ‘Pin’ lists in place to stop them being closed inadvertently

Job Management Jim 2 excels as job management software:

  • Use Jim2 Lists to give you a broad view of all work in progress, or use filters to narrow your view
  • Sort Job List by Due Date or Status Due date to check performance (overdue Jobs will show in red in the list). Drill down to check the why or who
  • Identify process bottlenecks or improvements using real data, rather than gut feelings

Actual vs Billable Labour tracking

Better reporting and increased productivity:

  • Because you can define your own labour ‘types’ (travel, onsite, research, workshop), the Job Labour Grid builds real statistics on what’s really involved in a given task, to help you set selling prices more realistically
  • Use Management Reports to give you Actual Labour recorded for any given period, for any staff member/s
  • Set a realistic, generalised ‘cost’ on each different labour you sell and use Profit Reporting to give you a truer performance picture – without affecting the GL
  • Actual labour recorded does not automatically enter the (Stock) billing grid – it’s your choice to add labour charges (or not!) to the Stock Grid for invoicing
  • Labour KPI Indicator includes a day and week-to-date running total of actual labour
  • Labour entry features fast and smart entry of time, including selection of time from a timeline grid

Read more about staff scheduling: Scheduling Software.

Stock Control

  • Fully featured Stock Control Software including FIFO management, Dynamic Kitting, Batch Tracking and Customer specific pricing

Job Management is just part of Jim2. What makes Jim2 such an effective tool is this whole system is integrated. Jim2 gives you enterprise management capabilities (ERP) integrating your Quoting Software, and your Accounting Software so you can get a whole of business view of your quote/jobs. Extensive reporting features give you actionable information: Which jobs have the highest margins/profits? Which jobs are on quoted budget? Use this information to adjust your estimating and feedback to your marketing and sales team to ensure most profitable jobs and customers are targeted.

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