The Happen Team

Happen Business has a dynamic team with a variety of skills from sales, marketing, implementation and training, to customer support, project management and software development.

The Happen Business team are excited and passionate about the Jim2 Business Engine product, and are eager to support their customers.

Paul BergerPaul Berger: Technical Director

Paul Berger has been directly involved in the Australian IT industry since the late 1970's.

In 1983 Paul successfully started, and later sold Applix, a Sydney-based firm involved primarily in hardware and software development. Paul can be credited with the design and development of one of the IT industry's first 68000 processor-based computer systems, used extensively through the Australian CSIRO. This development included circuit design, PCB layout, firmware and operating system development, as well as product commercialisation and marketing.

The Applix 1616 (one of the first true 32 bit systems) and its consequent add-ons were truly innovative products at a time when the IBM PC's and Apple II systems were only just emerging in the market. Paul founded P2 Computing, a component-level IT service and support company established in Sydney in early 1989.

Paul has extensive technical knowledge and experience in the areas of both hardware and software. He also has practical experience in business and management skills, having successfully started and operated two companies in the SME IT sector – renowned for rapid growth and equally rapid change.

Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Job Information Management (Jim – DOS version) in 1990. Paul currently heads the development team of Jim2 (the Windows-based version of the original application). His experience is clearly evident in the clean architecture and functionality of Jim2. This product is positioned as one of the few business software applications currently able to adapt to the new market demands for true B2B and B2C interaction.


Sales Team

John Green John Green: Business Manager

John is the Jim2 Sales Manager, handling pre and post sales implementation scheduling, project scoping, training schedules and general helpdesk support.

Previously, John has held senior financial positions reporting at board level, and has attained formal qualifications in accounting, marketing and sales.

Since completing his Bachelor of Commerce, John has marketed, implemented and supported various business applications.

John is also a member of the Australian Institute of Management.

Fred Garside: Business Manager

Fred joined Happen Business in 2005 with over 15 years experience in sales and marketing for the IT industry. Fred works in sales and account management, and is responsible for development of business relationships and promoting Jim2 to service based companies, including the Office Equipment and Photocopier industry.

During his career, Fred has provided solutions to large and small businesses across Australia including Federal and State Governments, Emergency Services, Health, Manufacturing, Engineering and Mining/Resource companies. With experience in sales of many enterprise level technologies, Fred brings strong account management skills and experience to Happen.

Paul Blair: Business Manager

Paul joined the Happen team after 22 years in the copier and printer industry. Starting as field service, Paul moved into a sales based role in 1992 and focused primarily on major account sales. With the dawning of the digital age, he developed his skills on a broad range of software solutions.

Paul has been a top performer in his field with product sales from vendors such as Panasonic, HP, Lexmark and Canon. His understanding of the copier and print industry, and his knowledge of Managed Print Services implementation and billing provides Happen with another string to its already extensive bow.


Implementation & Training Team

Ian Dick: Business Analyst

Ian's role is to partner our clients with their Jim2 implementations and training. Ian joined Happen Business after eight years as the owner of a computer training and consulting company.

Before establishing Cronulla Computer Training in 1996, Ian worked in numerous management positions within Grace Bros., including relational marketing and training. Ian has a thorough knowledge of retail systems, point of sale and inventory control.

Ian is a Certified Level IV Workplace and Assessment Trainer, and has worked with clients both large and small on developing customised training programs and publications.

Chris Smoother: Business Analyst

Chris has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry, having covered areas such as software application development, training, implementation, technical sales and support.

Chris has extensive practical experience in managing software projects and producing favourable and long term client relationships.

Jonty Lim: Business Analyst

Jonty joined the Happen Team as a Business Analyst with over 6 years’ experience within IT Support roles, including Support Analyst to Managerial roles.

Prior to coming to Happen, Jonty worked with Channel 9 and Bauer Media, supporting the workflow of the ever-changing broadcasting and publishing world.

Georges El Azzi: Business Analyst

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Customer Support Team

Rosalind McCool: Business Analyst

Rosalind joined the Happen Team in 2003, bringing over 20 years of experience in accounts and administration, together with many years of first-hand experience of accounting software, as well as 5 years in sales, sales support and staff training. As an accounting software user, Rosalind immediately recognised the benefits and unique features offered by Jim2.  As well as taking care of the general accounts and administration at Happen, Rosalind specialises in customer support and training in this area.

Ros holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAA40104 qualification.

Renee Pimentel: Customer Support

Renee joined the Happen team after running her own import/export company for 10 years using Jim2 software. In fact, Renee was involved in the very first site implementation of Jim2 years ago when working for a wholesale business.

As a User of Jim2 in business for over ten years, Renee has a genuine understanding of the Client/Happen Business relationship.

Renee expertly juggles working with our existing customers to resolve their support queries, and helping new customers set up their new Jim2 databases ready to migrate from their existing systems to Jim2.

Caroline Russo: Customer Support

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Cedric Tourasse: Customer Support

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Development Team

Duncan Stodart: Software Developer

Duncan joined the Happen Team in 2003. He has developed systems for the computer, travel and telecommunications industries using a range of technologies, development languages, and formal development methodologies. These systems have been both in-house custom applications and commercial products used around the world. Some are used in high volume mission-critical situations that require greater than 99.9% uptime.

Duncan has worked with project teams ranging from one or two members to over a hundred. As well as helping Paul and Ernest with development of the core Jim2 Business Engine, Duncan uses his XML and communications experience to deliver high quality B2B and third-party integration solutions.

Ernest Jaraminas: Senior Programmer

Ernest is the senior programmer at Happen Business, originally employed to implement the DOS-to-Windows conversion of Jim2 back in 1998, and now directs his full attention to the continued development of the Jim2 Mobile app.

Ernest brings substantial programming experience to the technical team, as well as an extremely efficient and technically excellent coding style.

Ernest also has practical business management and financial systems skills gained in Eastern Europe.

Tom Robertson: Software Developer

Tom comes to Happen with 15 years Delphi programming experience in the service management and airline fields.

Tom has spent the 10 years prior to coming to Happen as sole Delphi developer at Infra Corporation/EMC/VMWare and enjoys rubbing shoulders with some of the best Delphi coders in Australia.

Tom has an honours degree in Pure Mathematics which has mostly been expunged and replaced with Delphi code.

Clinton Good: Software Developer

Clint  joined the Happen team bringing with him over 15 years experience in commercial software development. After completing a Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics, Clint went on to develop both in-house systems and web-based client software for air freight and leasing companies.

At Happen, Clint continues his track record of producing high quality enhancements to Jim2 Business Engine.

Komal Rehman: Quality & Test Manager

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Emeterio Sumagang: Report Designer/Scripting Engineer

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Product Team

Steve Morris: Product Specialist

Steve joined the Happen team in 2015 as our resident product development guru, and technical Jim2 support at Happen Business.

Steve has extensive experience in the SMB/SME market. Steve also brings his personal successes in establishing, expanding and selling his own IT Managed Services business that offered the complete package of IT monitoring and maintenance services to its diverse list of customers.


Accounts Team

Tony Davies: Financial Controller

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Marketing Team

Glynis Scotton: Marketing & Communications Manager

Glynis joined the team in 2014 as the key contact for all marketing and communications activities at Happen Business.

With a varied background in tourism and retail banking industries in customer service, sales and process management roles, Glynis brings a personal flair to Happen's marketing activities, including content creation across direct mails, emails, blogs, advertising and customer communications.

Linda Carr: Marketing & Design

Linda joined the Happen team in 2011 after successfully running a graphic design and prepress business for 21 years.

Linda works extensively in all Marketing activities within Happen Business – direct mail, emails, website, and communications design.

When Linda's not exercising her creative prowess, she's stepping her way through the Jim2 Help File to make sure the key processes within Jim2 are well documented and executable.