Scheduling Software and Calendar for Staff Scheduling

Jim2 Scheduling is a fully integrated resource management and task list feature set that enables you to coordinate, track and manage your staff resources.

Jim2 Scheduling lets you instantly see what your teams are up to. You can view, allocate and edit tasks, meetings, phone calls and appointments – all linked to Jim2 stored information such as jobs, quotes, contracts and card files.

Create a number of calendar views to keep track of the entire workforce, individual teams, and

Simplified resource management

Jim2 Scheduling gives you multiple ways to see what’s going on – by person, by group, or by the entire company:

  • ‘Outlook’ style calendar views show you scheduled tasks by day, week, working week, month, year, timeline, or by current day plus 7 days.
  • Tasks can be grouped by date, resource, or no grouping.
  • Tasks can also be viewed by individual, a number of individuals, by definable groups, or by all resources.
  • All tasks are colour-coded for quick visual filtering.
  • Each task displays a 'snapshot' pane, that provides a user with an overview
    including all the details of the task.
  • Unconfirmed appointments and tasks are highlighted.
  • Tasks can be instantly linked to related Jim2 objects including jobs, quotes, purchases, RFC, RTV, debtor, creditor and card file.
  • A scheduled tasks reminder indicates active reminders in addition to the standard pop-up reminder window.
  • Task list shows end date for recurring tasks.
  • The To Do list allows editing of managed services.
  • Create and save calendar views, which are skill and resource specific.
  • Include other physical resources, such as meeting rooms, machinery, vehicles, etc. that can be booked out by staff or customers. 

Benefits of an integrated solution

With sales, service and manufacturing tasks being managed in Jim2, the integration with Jim2 Scheduler makes for a completely seamless experience moving from task to booked appointment (and vice versa) in the one package. Users can easily navigate through each detail of the task with ease.


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