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11/05/2011 5:53 PM

Businesses are so used to email being, well, just email, and not integrated with their business processes that they assume that’s just the way it is, or has to be. They don’t realise how great it would be to have email integrated with the software they actually run their business on.

Happen have had this ‘EUREKA!’ moment, and we have managed to capture and tame email to make it work for you

One simple idea simplifies your business
Imagine this: every business has sales@ and info@ email addresses, most also have contacts like support@ enquiries@ and so on. What if...

  • Sales@ emails could create and attach themselves to a Quote, creating a virtual paper trail?
  • Support@ emails logged a support ticket in your system, ready for your technicians/helpdesk to look after?
  • Info@ and other business related emails are available and can be addressed companywide, accessed from right there in your business system…?

No other business system does this.
Jim2 Version 3.2 does. All business email correspondence, sales, quoting, purchasing automagically integrated into your business system. Yes, I said automagically – it really is magic how it just works.

Jim2 Business Engine Version 3.2 Email Integration

Jim2 Business Engine Version 3.2 features complete Email integration

So when can I get it?
We’re in the final stages, testing, documentation and a bit more polish, and we have the largest number of real live testing sites we have ever had for a version. We haven’t set a date but expect to see it in the upcoming weeks...

High fives – we just made your business work even better.


Mandy Corke said:
8/06/2011 4:20:38 PM
Will this be a paid module or will it be available to everyone automatically?
Henk Pasma said:
8/06/2011 9:04:37 PM
1/. Junk emails etc. What happens?
2/. Infected emails? What will it do to the DB
3/. Will it store junk emails or only filter qualified ones?
4/. Where will the emails be stored and will a copy be sent/stored in say Outlook?
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Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Job Information Management (Jim – DOS version) in 1990. Paul currently heads the development team of Jim 2 (the Windows-based version of the original application). His experience is clearly evident in the clean architecture and functionality of Jim 2. This product is positioned as one of the few business software applications currently able to adapt to the new market demands for true B2B and B2C interaction.