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10/08/2012 9:26 AM
By Harry Kim

For the past 2 weeks I have been undergoing work experience at the Happen Business office. Working at Happen, and under Paul Berger has been really enlightening in many ways. I always thought about my future career and assumed I could not stand a boring 9-5 job five days a week, working in a monotonous routine. However this is not the case at Happen, I feel excited to come in as everyone here is consistently encouraging – and a great team.

The very first day at Happen I was assigned to my personal laptop, which I thought was pretty cool. As for the work and endeavours I face, fellow workers show me how to perform the tasks that are needed in an office. For example, before Happen I would not have had a clue how to bind booklets, laminate, or even work Excel properly – now I complete those tasks wicked quick!

Throughout the day, a few of the workers here handed me tasks, demonstrated what was needed, and then trusted me in working by myself. I understood and listened to what I was told, but when I did come up against a few problems I had no hesitation asking a few helpful team members at Happen how to solve the problem (Greg, Ros, Linda and Paul Blair). I was new to all office technology and did not know anyone. Nevertheless I felt as though I was part of a real team environment.

The program that they have written to create databases, card files, manage stock etc, is called Jim2 Business Engine. Jim2 is a complete breakthrough. It’s very creative and convenient – it has everything you need to manage a business, all in one program. Jim2 can be useful to a variety of businesses as well, from bike shops to copying and printing, to manufacturers – pretty much any business.

I have had a demo program for about a week, and I have managed to create invoices and job lists. Imagine a couple of years from now, a 17 year old could run his own business single-handedly, and it will be thanks to Happen and Jim2.

All in all I enjoyed my time at Happen, and I would like to thank everyone for giving me such an easy time – those 2 weeks flew past.

About Harry

Harry is 15, and is in Year 10 at Sylvania High School

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