Where are we up to? What do we do next?
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23/08/2012 12:00 AM

By Ian Dick

Wouldn't it be great if we knew what happens first, then second, then third... exactly where we fit in, helping us organise our work? We could plan resources and timing, confident of the sequence of events, confident that all the team knows what is to be done first, second, third...

Jim2 Business Engine is all about this concept – whether it be letting you know what has to happen next, or what happened last, or what didn’t happen. Jim2 is eager to display this in your terms – customised by you to show you what you want to know.

What you want to know and where you fit in can be seen in Jim2 Lists. Make a list to see: 'Show me the Jobs I need to work on next, show me which of my Jobs is overdue, show me what Fred is working on next, now, yesterday...'

Jim2 Lists are simple, yet very effective. Each user in Jim2 can create their own lists: up to 20 each of Job lists, Project Lists, Quote Lists, Purchase Order lists, and so on. Sounds a lot, but don't panic! List refinements such as Pinning, Refreshing Live Lists, Grouping, Sub Grouping, Sorting, Exceptions and Advanced List Tab all allow you to research and refine your database, and deliver the information you need. At a glance, you’ll know all about the areas of your business that are running well, and importantly, those that need attention.

Staying on Schedule

Jim2 Scheduling gives you extra information to see what everyone in your team is working on – who they are calling, which meetings they are attending, how ‘active’ they are, who is on leave or away ill. Each of these ‘activities’ is linked to other information in Jim2, including the addresses for each of the meetings and the phone numbers for the prospects being called. Jim2 Scheduling allows you to be scheduled, and see exactly where you fit in. You can view all this information in your customised diary views, or create your own task lists – it’s up to you.

Tying it all Together

Jim2 Email lets you tie together the correspondence of your business – both the ‘ins’ and the ‘outs’. Customers can email directly into your workflow, providing you information for your decisions much faster than a phone call or meeting. You’ll know immediately that they have approved a Quote, allowing you to email a Purchase Order to your suppliers, receive the stock, and email the invoice to the customer, all in a timely manner. This speed allows you to get where you are going (invoicing customers) very quickly. You only need to glance at the preview pane at the side of your screen to see what’s happening, what needs to happen, where you fit in.

So, let Jim2 help you organise your work – letting one thing lead to another – and you’ll always know where you’re up to.

About Ian Dick

Ian Dick is Business Analyst at Happen Business and loves cricket.

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