What's New For Managed Services and Managed Print Services?
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28/02/2012 8:53 AM

In this latest version of Jim2 Version 3.2, we’ve added a number of new features specifically for Managed Services and Managed Print Services.

We’ve added new billing periods, allowing for billing in weekly or fortnightly cycles – giving you more options for billing your clients.

You can now add a Project in a Job when creating the Job – all in a one-step process, to save time.

We’ve also added some new column – name, account manager, customer name – just to make things quicker and easier to find, and we’ve made Projects easier to locate as well.

New features such as prepaid labour, new meter copy kits, and new stock macros for prepaid pages and master machines are all aimed at improving your bottom line.

PLUS, we are constantly integrating with more meter read software/hardware vendors, which completely eliminates the manual processes usually required in your monthly billing cycles.

All of these new enhancements to Jim2 make streamlining your business even simpler, freeing you up to get on with growing your business.

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Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Job Information Management (Jim – DOS version) in 1990. Paul currently heads the development team of Jim 2 (the Windows-based version of the original application). His experience is clearly evident in the clean architecture and functionality of Jim 2. This product is positioned as one of the few business software applications currently able to adapt to the new market demands for true B2B and B2C interaction.