Times are a-changin...
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26/06/2012 1:51 PM

Australia has so far coped well during the global financial crisis, but spiralling energy prices and depressed spending mean Australians too are starting to feel the pinch.

So what now?
Well, from a business perspective, it’s about tightening belts and cutting costs. As businesses batten down the hatches, minimal capital expenditure and reducing administration costs help ease the journey through tough times.

Focusing on services, cash flow, and understanding the needs of customers will be among the most important ways to cope with an economic downturn – which means ensuring that your own business is functioning effectively, and that you have a clear understanding of how it is performing.

That’s where Jim2 Business Engine can make the difference – streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and ultimately saving money. Jim2 automates many time-consuming administration processes, frees you and your staff up to better serve your clients and obtain new ones.

“Jim2 enabled us to get to where we want to be. We have increased our turnover with a 20% reduction in staff. It has definitely increased our efficiency. It was the fully integrated service and accounting that was the one thing other solutions couldn’t do. We were operating with 17 staff when we implemented Jim2. Now we’re operating with 13 staff, with a higher turnover and profit. Jim2 paid for itself in the first twelve months,” said Matt Gravestocks, Company Director, Murray Computer and Office Shop.

Making sure you have rock solid processes in place not only cuts costs, it ensures future growth and keeps you in control of your business.

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