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13/11/2012 8:38 AM

By Betty Visensang

I remember the first day I walked into Happen Business, I was greeted by the many friendly faces that make up this amazing and proud Australian company!

On my first day, I quickly found a few similarities between Jim2 Business Engine and Microsoft Office Applications! One feature in particular that I found, and am still highly impressed with is the fully integrated outbound and inbound email in Jim2.

I had quite the introduction to emailing through Jim2 when I sat with the Support team who, as part of their daily duties, monitor the incoming emails sent to, which is received into a folder that is easy to access through a pinned email list.

One of the main things I enjoy about the email feature is how simple emailing through Jim2 is! Things like rules and templates can be used to become more efficient with the administration of repetitive email tasks.

I have joined Happen Business as part of the Implementation team and have spent the weeks following my introduction shadowing our experienced Business Analyst, Ian.

What has been rather interesting for me is the diversity of the types of businesses that are using Jim2 to run their business – from Retail Outlets, Import/Export Distribution Centres, simple Warehousing to Advanced Warehousing. Imagine, I was exposed to that within the first 2 months! What's exciting is that the list goes on. I know that we are also mega-hot in the printing and copier industries as well as Managed Services, so that's other elements to the types of businesses that use Jim2.

Three months on, as an experienced Trainer and Software Analyst, I can proudly say that I am glad to be part of the team that drives Happen Business to bring you Jim2!

About Betty

Betty is a Business Analyst at Happen Business and loves body surfing and playing golf, especially at Bondi Golf Course with its stunning view of the beach.

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