The Next Move for Managed Print Services
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27/08/2013 9:35 AM

As businesses enter next generation MPS engagements, service providers are evolving their service offerings to include business process services and IT services. Businesses are expecting more from their MPS providers. New engagements are all about deep collaboration in order to deliver the continuous business improvement that today’s businesses demand.

This is a trend worldwide, and the most successful businesses are the ones adapting and moving forward with the idea of controlling all their customers’ spend across a Managed Services platform.

To increase your bottom line and make your business more secure, Managed Services as a holistic approach, combined with Managed Print Services will secure you more customers for longer.

In a time when margins are tight, this way of selling will help maintain profitability and grow your business when others are falling by the wayside.

And this is where Jim2 Business Engine’s ability to manage all areas of these types of business comes to the fore, ensuring you will be in control of your whole of business spend approach, and putting you at the forefront of your industry.

Check out the Transformational Solutions Sales & Managed Services Workshop, which Business Enabled Pty Ltd will be conducting on September 16 in Sydney.

This workshop aims to show you how to defend and grow your traditional equipment and services base with core equipment sales, expand the footprint with MPS, differentiate with software solutions, and drive your next business model with Managed Services.

The workshop will hopefully give insights, strategies, and resources necessary to stay at the forefront of evolving trends, to understand opportunities, develop strategies, and execute for success.

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