The New Consumables Preview Pane for MPS in Jim2 v3.3
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14/02/2013 7:44 AM

The new version of Jim2 Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition is being launched very soon, and there’s quite some excitement over what’s coming. The new billing engine has been well covered in Clint’s blog, so now it’s time to talk about the new Consumables Preview Pane and what this means for Managed Print Services.

One of the biggest costs to your business is toner usage and supply. Until now being able to track toner has been based on a pre-set coverage per page. Charges are usually based on 5% coverage, and this is rarely what’s actually being printed. It’s usually much higher than that.

The new Consumables Preview Pane in Jim2 is based on both machines and jobs related to machines, and gives you far more understanding of just how a machine is performing. It shows all yield information such as toner, fuser, servicing, and when these were last supplied.

Jim2 gives you much more flexibility than ever before by allowing you to set up toner yield percentages based on actual ink coverage, rather than using a standard percentage. These percentages can be set at different levels for each colour as well.

Added to that, three different meter setups (Standard, Unders and Overs) give you an effective tool to identify those clients who are consistently doing over their minimum allocation.

By having a much clearer view of what is really being printed, you can be in better control of when to supply consumables, and reduce over and under supply issues dramatically.

This new Consumables preview pane puts you in control and helps you make the right decisions – an excellent sales tool for reviewing and revenue building!

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