The Cost of Change Versus The Cost of Doing Nothing
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4/10/2012 3:40 PM

By Danielle De Silva

In this week’s sales meeting here at Happen Business an interesting point was raised – a potential new client of ours is concerned about ‘the cost of change’ when considering switching to Jim2 Business Engine, and it really got me thinking. They could see the benefits that Jim2 has to offer, but were concerned about the costs of change such as future flexibility, actually funding the changeover, and a new learning curve. Understandable and ultimately resolvable concerns! Let me take you through them:

Future Flexibility – We’ve Got It Covered
OK, so Jim2 is perfect for your business right now, but what about future change? Business software is an important investment, and you want it to be exactly that – an investment, not an ever-increasing expense. The fundamental structure of the Jim2 software itself, plus the subscription-based model Happen Business has adopted, has got you covered from all angles for future growth:

  • Jim2 Business Engine is designed specifically to grow with your business – easily add or remove user licenses as needed with minimal fuss
  • Jim2 runs on sites with a single user or a handful of stock items, right through to large sites with dozens of users, thousands of stock items, and complex service contracts. The same Jim2 Business Engine can run businesses of all sizes, with additional components (such as Advanced Warehousing) and expanded editions (such as the Managed Print Services Edition) that your businesses can grow into when it’s ready
  • Jim2 Business Engine is consistently being improved and is simple to update. The Happen Business development team are always hard at work adding new features to the software and refining the way it works. This is what your subscription pays for – a system that is alive and growing, just like your business. Keeping your Jim2 Business Engine up to date takes less than 10 minutes and is thoroughly tested to ensure minimal downtime or disruption from updates.

Let’s talk turkey: The Dollars and Sense of Change

Let’s break the taboo and talk about money for a moment too, while we’re discussing the Happen Business subscription model.

  • Think about the cost of business software in terms of a new asset to your business. You wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a new van, piece of machinery, or hire a new member of staff that was needed. Your business software is just as important as these purchases, often costs about the same, but in the end SAVES you money – which none of these other items do. How? Streamlining processes, expediting billing cycles, keeping you on top of stock and services times – these are just a few of the cost savings Jim2 can give you.
  • Not only that, it’s a gift that keeps on giving: hours saved in administration or costs that are accurately tracked and can be built into product pricing continue to happen, day in day out, month after month, year upon year. Clients often comment to us that Jim2 can often pay for itself within a year. Not a bad investment at all!
  • Double entry costs double the time. It’s as simple as that – separate business systems and manual re-entry of data takes twice as long and costs your business twice as many man-hours. Jim2 is fully integrated and designed to pass relevant information quickly and seamlessly through to the right areas of the business. Time saved = money saved.
  • Don’t have the dollars right now? Finance is available! Happen Business has relationships with several finance companies that can help you fund the initial setup cost, spreading it out over time with monthly payments, which can also be deducted as a business expense.

Yes, there is a learning curve – but it’s not that steep!

Concern about change can also be a case of ‘better the devil you know’ – and we completely understand! It’s difficult, and frankly a little scary to take the leap to an unknown new system, no matter how urgent the need for change. Consider this though: when you are next frustrated by a report your current system cannot easily give you, or the time and manual effort it might take to process simple tasks, your team is also working through frustrations like this every single day. Surely the daily frustration of staying the same then begins to outweigh the uncertainty of change?

Let’s put it into dollar terms: it’s faster and cheaper to do a task you know how to do in a system you’re familiar with rather than ‘waste’ time having to learn a whole new system, right? Nope, that’s a false economy. Here’s a quick example: say it takes 3 hours for some training and on-the-job learning time to really get your head around how a particular business process works in Jim2. That process usually takes you an hour every week in your old system. Why spend 3 hours learning when you can spend an hour just getting on with it? Because in Jim2, that process now takes 10 minutes. The actual cost over a year would be:

1 hour every week x 52 weeks = 52 hours worth of time
3 hours learning time + 10 mins x 52 weeks = just under 12 hours of time

In this small example, the cost of doing nothing is 40 hours every year. Multiply that by the myriad of processes Jim2 can streamline in your business, and you can see the cost of change is becoming inconsequential in comparison to the cost of doing nothing.

Book an appointment today at a time that suits you to discuss how Jim2 Business Engine can change your business, turning those costs of doing nothing into dollars in your pocket.

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