Summertime and the Living is Easy With Jim2 Email
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15/01/2013 12:11 PM

By Fred Garside

A lot has been written about email communication since the release of Jim2 v3.2. John Green’s blog of July last year, Let's Talk About CRM, discusses how, in our own business here at Happen, capturing all correspondence is crucial in a modern business system. Recently I had a practical example of the benefits of having full email correspondence captured in one place, namely in Jim2.

Just before Christmas I had to find an email relating to an implementation of Jim2 over a year ago; that is pre Jim2 v3.2 with full email integration. Now you all remember that pre v3.2 Jim2 could email out, but inbound emails were still into MS Outlook and we manually updated our jobs and quotes, then had Outlook folders and archiving handle back up etc.

Well, trying to find all the relevant emails for this customer – what a nightmare! This was compounded by my old laptop frying itself, meaning I lost all my old data including Outlook archive files at around that time. I was also not the only person helping this client at the time, so tracking email trails by whoever may have had an involvement was difficult. Of course I do not have access to other people’s Outlook emails. Let’s say I thoroughly enjoyed myself for the best part of a day (not).

So how does Jim2 email help in this scenario?

I had the pleasure of a similar situation, but a bit more recent. That is post Jim2 email but before laptop ELE (Extinction Level Event for the non-geeks). There are a few fundamental features of Jim2 emails that helped:

  • Everything stored on the server, nothing on my PC
  • All emails linked to the Jim2 object (Job#, Quote#, PO#), including attachments (very nice)
  • Search via Jim2 Email Lists for that customer or contact, and by date etc. (of course)
  • Ability to use Jim2's powerful search abilities for key words such as fault descriptions and comments etc. (Mmm, did you know that?)
  • Unread emails show as bold text in email lists
  • Unread emails linked to a Jim2 object show as BOLD highlight in Jim2 Lists (Job, Quote, PO list etc)
  • The Jim2 customer on the other end of correspondence also links to the Object in their database. This link (Job# etc) is called a Token, and basically as we email back and forth we trade tokens (very, very nice)
  • Finally – everyone else’s email correspondence relating to what I want is linked to that Object (thank God!)

So in summing up, and I am going to be lazy here and re-quote Johnny Green, when it comes to sales and account management “…it has quite simply changed our world”.

So if you are not yet using Jim2 to capture all incoming and outgoing email correspondence already, give it a go. It’s free and part of the system. If you need help and training (that is not free but definitely good value) let us know.

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