Sneak Peek at Jim2 v4.0 and Jim2 Mobile
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24/09/2014 12:20 PM

We're super excited to show you a sneak peek into the upcoming version, to be released soon!

We have always strived to use the most up to date development tools, compilers, and technologies available. This is important for both us as a company, and you as a customer, ensuring we are competitive and relevant, and providing your business with the most current, and best business tools available.

Jim2 v4.0

Yes, that's right, v4.0.

The next version of Jim2 is so big, it's a major point release, so we're skipping v3.4 altogether and heading straight to Jim2 v4.0. We will announce, and officially release Jim2 v4.0 in the coming weeks. It's currently in beta testing with several key customers.

So what's so big about Jim2 v4.0?

Jim2 v4.0 is a huge release in all aspects – technically, visually, in useability, and added features.

Technical Changes in Jim2 v4.0

New Scripting Engine – Unfortunately the scripting engine we were using was past its due date, and was holding us back from using the current compilers available – this was a real problem. As such, and after considerable development effort, we have replaced the scripting engine in Version 4.0 with one that allows us to move forward, and provide many additional benefits, including; 'Server Side' scripting, which in basic terms means we can make many reports available via Jim2 Mobile, such as invoices, statements, job reports, delivery dockets, etc.

New Database Layer – One of the benefits of moving to the latest compilers is we can take advantage of the very latest technology. Jim2 v4.0 introduces a new database access layer. In basic terms, the way Jim2 talks to Microsoft SQL Server. This increases database access by up to 50%, and allows us to offer support for the latest Microsoft SQL Server version 2014.

Appearance and Useability in Jim2 v4.0

Clean interface – Jim2 v4.0 has been completely updated in appearance, and now sports the very latest Microsoft Office interface with a clean, flat look. We've revamped all our icons, and additionally you can now change both the skin colour and accent of your Jim2 screen. Now you can choose, say, a grey skin with a blue accent – or any colours to match your style.

Personalised Nav Tree – We've further enhanced useability to be able to reorder the entire Navigation Tree and Ribbon in Jim2. So you will now be able to sort your lists into an order that suits your personal style. For example, you can now change your layout to Schedule, Dashboard, Email, Jobs, etc, making the areas of Jim2 that you use the most, more easily accessible. Additionally, you can reorder all lists in your Nav Tree, and even move 'Objects' (Jobs, Quotes, etc) out of lists.

New Features in Jim2 v4.0

We won’t completely let the cat out of the bag, buthere’s a sneak peek of some of the key new features included in Jim2 v4.0. Documents – Yes, Jim2 v4.0 includes full document management. You will now have the ability to attach documents (Images, PDFs, Office documents, any files) to anything in Jim2. Things like plans, pictures, brochures, manuals, certificates, licences can be stored and easily located against Jobs, Stock, Quotes, CardFiles and more in Jim2 Business Engine. Documents includes full version control, security, and drag/drop functionality. You can literally drag a file onto a Job to add it to the record.

Timers and Labour everywhere – Following the amazing success of labour timers included in Jim2 Mobile, we have added this same functionality throughout v4.0. Easily add, and even pause timers, on anything you’re doing. You can now add Labour to Quotes, Purchases, even Stocktakes.

Payments and Refunds – You can now add customer prepayments (sale deposits) directly on Jobs (Orders), bypassing Debtors. Jobs also include prepayments and balance due totals. On the flipside, you can also do customer refunds directly from Customer Returns (RFC).

Vendor Feeds with eBusiness Connect – Vendor feeds now has the ability to manage stock feeds from hundreds of Vendors. It also now includes new searching and filtering functionality to help you find the stock you're after.

Jim2 Mobile v4.0

We’re super excited by the success of Jim2 Mobile and Happen Cloud. We’ll be releasing a major update to Jim2 Mobile in conjunction with Jim2 v4.0 and we’ll announce details on this soon. The App is currently going through the App Store approval process.

Importantly, Jim2 Mobile v4.0 will be backwards compatible with Jim2 v3.3. That is, the next version of Jim2 Mobile will work with both Jim2 v3.3 and v4.0.

The culmination of the new v4.0 features really take mobile into a new realm of everyday uses for your Sales and Service Teams. The new scripting engine + server side reports + reports on Jim2 Mobile + documents = powerful new capabilities to collect a client's signature using Jim2 Mobile – capturing the signature directly on a document, such as a delivery docket, and storing it against the Job, Quote, Contract or Purchase Order for convenient recall today, and in the future.

And there's plenty more to come...

With so many powerful additions coming up in Version 4.0, we look forward to bringing you an amazingly powerful business management solution you know and trust.<

Luke said:
24/09/2014 7:20:08 PM
Is there a release date for this new version?
Linda Carr said:
25/09/2014 10:12:49 AM
Hi Luke

Jim2 v4.0 should release during October!
Paul said:
20/10/2014 8:58:24 AM
Is it still to be released in October?
Linda Carr said:
21/10/2014 12:40:53 PM
Hi Paul

We're getting very close to the new release, and receiving positive feedback from our beta test sites. You're welcome to contact our support team if you'd like to get on board.
Joel said:
2/02/2015 3:47:22 PM
Getting close to release date?
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