Smooth Transition
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10/07/2013 10:24 AM

The end of financial year rollover should be just that – a smooth transition. Back up and trading in the shortest possible time, with the least amount of pain. Well, it is with Jim2 Business Engine anyway!

In fact, the end of June should be just like any other month, with a few extra steps to finalise the financial year. Stocktake should be a very quick process, along with balancing the books and finalising for handover to your accountant.

The reality is that until everything is finalised, trading in the new financial year can't always commence straight away, so the quicker you finalise the old one, the sooner you're making money in the new one.

At Happen, we prepare the necessary support documents well in advance to help our clients through the end of year process with the minimum of fuss.

We then contact them regularly, starting some months before June, directing them to these documents on the Support page of our website.

We always back that up with email or phone support, so everyone makes the transition to the new year as smoothly as possible.

This time of year really does show how using the right business management software can speed up your processes and allow smooth transition from the old financial year to the new one.

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