Send a Holiday Message and Opening Hours to Your Clients
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14/12/2017 12:49 PM

To send an email to all customers and contacts to let them know your Christmas Holiday opening hours, you can do so from Jim2 using the following steps:

1. Create a new email template. Learn how to Create a New Template using the Jim2 Online Help.

Name the template something like '2017 Christmas Hours', and added a CardFile Contact macro to personalise the email to the recipient.

2. Run a CardFile list of all active customers. Learn How to Create a CardFile List from Jim2 Online Help.

Since we store prospective customers and existing customers in our Jim2 database, we would also refine our CardFile list to reflect only our customers, using our Card Group to view Active Jim2 Customers only.

3. Proceeded to email the CardFile list using the 'Email from CardFile List' Report. Learn How to Email from CardFile List here. Chose the new template, an email address to send a test, the From Email Address you with the email to be addressed from and All Contacts to receive the email.

We recommend checking the recipient list, using the '-' symbol (bottom left) to remove any recipients from the list.

Selected 'Preview' to check your email content one last time, then 'Send' when you are ready to send your email.

Success! The email is on its way.

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