Search Engine Optimisation
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2/07/2013 12:36 PM

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is becoming more and more important in making sure your website is found easily. There are a number of ways that you can improve this without resorting to paying for it.

Search engines rank individual web pages, rather than the entire site, so each page needs careful thought. Here's a few ways you can optimise your web pages.

All search engines use keywords to help them understand what the page is about. Using too many keywords can actually have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. The best approach in using keywords is to use them:

  • in the heading
  • at least three times in the body of the page
  • in the alternative text for at least one image on the page
  • in the URL, if possible
Title Tags
Title tags appear at the top of your internet browser, and they should be an accurate and simple description of your page content.

Speak in Simple Language
If you clearly explain what your products and services are, and the areas you operate in, you'll help the search engines understand what you offer. Be very specific in your choice of words, and try to avoid using acronyms.

Update Your Website Regularly
News, blogs and updates are all things that should be occurring often on your website. These things will attract attention from the search engines and put you higher up the ladder. The more you update and add to your website, the more traffic you'll receive.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors' Websites
Look at how your competitors are using keywords and how they perfom in the search engines. Look at what they offer and make sure that if you offer something they don't it's easy for the search engines to determine this.

Since it's now so important to be found easily, and as close to the top in search engines as possible, the more research you do beforehand, the better you'll be seen!

dave said:
9/07/2013 1:08:37 PM
I'm just checking to see if you have comments working as I have made comments in the past which never were acknowledged or appeared in comments list
Linda Carr said:
10/07/2013 10:23:02 AM
Thanks for the feedback Dave. We were having some difficulty, however comments is now working fine!
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