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13/10/2017 12:53 PM

Adding photos to your business software is a fantastic way to capture valuable data, and improve visibility in your business.

When a picture paints a thousand words, adding onsite photos when visiting a customer or a potential new client offers a wealth of information to a quote or job in progress. It shows the problem to be fixed, or enables you to show a before and after comparison of your service.

Using Jim2 Mobile, your staff can add a photo on the spot using the following screen selections.

How to Add a Photo

With the job or quote open on the Jim2 Mobile app, tap the action arrow in the top right corner of the screen, next to Edit.

Select Add Related Image to add a photo from your device's library, or take a photo using the camera.

This will add the photo to the Documents section of the open job or quote, as this functionality is available to be used on both.

Another great benefit to adding photos is that other staff can also quickly look up the job or quote number to see notes, photos, actual labour timers recorded to that task – improving visibility in your business.

Contact us for questions about how to use the Jim2 Mobile app.

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