Preparing to Launch Jim2 v3.2
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13/09/2011 2:16 PM

As we get closer to launching Jim2 version 3.2, we thought we’d give you a heads up on its requirements, and a little behind the scenes look at what all the excitement is about.

Getting it ready
Firstly, Jim2 v3.2 is by far the most heavily tested version we’ve ever released. We currently have something like thirty release candidate sites running in production. We would really like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their feedback, suggestions and, well, rave reviews!

How do you get software that just works? Well it takes a lot of effort!

Firstly, we have an internal application that logs all current issues and suggestions, both internally and externally. We work this list with the aim to get it down to zero, flagging features or issues that must be sorted prior to the official release.

We also monitor all the automatic error reports that come through. This captures most issues that occur in the real world and feeds into our internal tracking systems.

Next we run the entire software through our internal test suite every time we do a new build. Once an issue is detected, we add a test for it to our test suite so we can catch it in the future. To run the entire test suite takes around 24 hours, and we do this under several supported operating systems and versions of SQL server.

And lastly, we use the new email ticketing functionality and Job tracking/workflow in Jim2 to manage all feedback sent to us directly via email, phone etc.

Comprehensive Testing

Getting your site ready
We went to a lot of effort to make the v3.2 update as simple as possible. Download the upgrade, install it... done. In some cases the new functionality may require a newer version of the framework than you have installed, but Jim2 will still run. This functionally will not work until the latest .net update has been installed. Thankfully, the standard Windows update should have this already covered for most.

Since all emails are now physically stored within your Jim2 database (actually in your Jim2 documents database, as opposed to your accounts database), your database size will increase. Is this a problem? Generally the answer is no, but if you are running Microsoft SQL express you may want to look at upgrading to ‘real’ SQL, or if running SQL Express 2005 which has a 4GB database size limit, upgrading to SQL Express 2008 where this limit has been increased to 10GB.

Also, you just need to be aware that your backups will increase in size.

Getting you ready
Jim2 v3.2 will work as is once you have upgraded, but there's a whole heap of new functionality, and a bit of set up required to make full use of it. Take the time to read the release notes prior to updating and the update will be much easier for you.

Incoming email will need to be set up, email rules and actions created, email security configured etc. This can be done over time, and again won’t stop you from running your business upon upgrading.

The new email functionality is extremely powerful and we’d really like to see you get the most out of it. Everyone using it is reporting massive time savings and productivity gains. And of course, this enables them to give their customers better service.

Most people have set this up and got it going referring to the release notes, but we do suggest contacting us so we can help you get the most out of the upgrade. We’ll certainly be doing what we can to help.

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Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Job Information Management (Jim – DOS version) in 1990. Paul currently heads the development team of Jim 2 (the Windows-based version of the original application). His experience is clearly evident in the clean architecture and functionality of Jim 2. This product is positioned as one of the few business software applications currently able to adapt to the new market demands for true B2B and B2C interaction.