New Jim2 Case Study with Windeyer Continuous Hinges
27/11/2018 8:35 AM

The team at Happen Business is very excited to announce a brand new Jim2 case study with Martyn Windeyer from Windeyer Continuous Hinges.

With new, flexible manufacturing systems in place, the team needed to replace their accounting system and paper based-processes with a comprehensive business system that helped track and trace their production process to achieve short lead times.

"Implementing Jim2 has given us the means to improve our systems to a point where, as owners, we now have more time to work on growing and developing our business.

"Jim2 gives us invaluable insight into our work. By being able to create jobs from quotes, link the quote and related emails to each job, and add comments is priceless. Truly nothing gets lost.

"The functionality to link drawings and documents to our manufacturing parts, and the ability to manage workflow by job status has been key to finishing jobs faster, and invoicing sooner.

"Jim2 is a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution without the need for expensive customisations."

Martyn Windeyer, Director, Windeyer Continuous Hinges

Outstanding Benefits to the team

  • Introduced stock control to start job costing and manage selling prices.
  • Track from quote to job to purchase order.
  • Document processes, comments, correspondence and linked documents.
  • Improved communications between staff.
  • Enhanced customer service.

Read the full story

Discussing their experience with Jim2 and managing manufacturing jobs, read the Windeyer Continuous Hinges case study today.

Jim2 Business Engine is a power-packed ERP package designed for businesses that buy, sell, service and manufacture.

If you experience frustrations as a result of lack of visibility in your business, contact us to book a personalised Jim2 web demonstration.

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