New Jim2 Case Study – Introducing Norweld Australia
6/09/2018 2:02 PM

The team at Happen Business is very excited to announce a brand new Jim2 case study with Norweld Australia.

Norweld Australia is a leading aluminium fabrication company that specialises in the manufacture
of ute trays and canopies, and manages a diverse range of building, school and custom
fabrication projects.

As they operate across several locations along the east coast of Australia, Norweld run Jim2.Cloud
to give staff access from anywhere with internet, and offer peace of mind following not one but two digital security threats.

“Jim2.Cloud has been instrumental with the establishment of new satellite operations, as we can operate in
an office environment if we have an internet connection. Coupled with the lack of impact of digital security threats,
Jim2.Cloud is the best solution for anyone looking to utilise Jim2 in their business."

Isaac Edmiston, Director of Sales & Marketing at Norweld Australia

The fabrication company, which is heavily job based, uses Jim2 to keep track of custom builds, components to manufacture, stock on hand and staff hours dedicated to a job, among other things.

Outstanding Benefits to the Team

  • Flexibility to access Jim2 anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Continued data integrity using cloud.
  • No down-time in the event of digital security threats.
  • Complete visibility into cost of goods sold.
  • Instantly measure stock holdings to make better planning decisions.
  • Capture real-time material and labour tracking.

With numerous specialised jobs on the go, Norweld really benefits from having a centralised system that empowers them to make incredibly informed decisions.

“After using Jim2 for over two-and-a-half years, we have come to have a thorough understanding of
our needs and requirements for what an ERP system should do. One of the key factors
that will have the biggest impact on your business and ERP is knowing your cost of goods sold.

"Jim2 allows us to track our material and labour costs down to the cent, which in turn allows us
to make decisions that will increase productivity and profitability."

Isaac Edmiston, Director of Sales & Marketing, Norweld Australia

Learn More

Featuring their experience with Jim2.Cloud and multilevel manufacturing, read the Norweld Australia case study today.

Jim2 Business Engine is a power packed ERP package designed for businesses that buy, sell, service and manufacture.

If your business could benefit from a centralised software as Norweld Australia has, contact us to book a personalised Jim2 web demonstration to future-proof your business.

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