New Features Coming Soon! Get the First Look at Jim2 Version 4.3
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22/01/2019 9:07 AM

Happen Business is excited to unveil a quick look into new enhancements available to all users in the upcoming new release, Jim2 Version 4.3. Our inhouse team of developers have been hard at work, designing, developing and testing these exciting new additions to Jim2 Business Engine.

Coming Soon - Jim2 Version 4.3

New Promotional Pricing

Introducing exciting new tools to manage seasonal sales, contract pricing, and more in Jim2 Business Engine.

With flexibility to create promotions in a multitude of ways, this awesome new feature serves up the tools to target big new promotions:

  • to customers of your choosing (including one or more CardFiles, price levels, projects, a CardFile group, or everyone),
  • with start and end dates (including time),
  • in a specific currency,
  • for single items and multiple quantity breaks,
  • and much more.

This new feature helps you to tailor promotions how you like. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Offer a promotion for 30% off select stock for one month to wholesale customers only,
  • Add an unlimited number of quantity-based price breaks for a stock code, such as 1-10 for $100 each, 10-50 for $90 each to a buying group that you sell to.
  • Offer personalised pricing to a specific customer under contract.

This new feature also includes several enhancements across user security, CardFiles, stock, jobs, quotes and project,s to help users work with promotions and contract pricing in Jim2.

New Commission Sessions

Track and reconcile staff commissions in Jim2 with ease, flexibility, and complete accuracy. Rather than sorting data in spreadsheets to calculate staff commissions, manage your commissions in Jim2, linked to the jobs and stock that have been sold.

Base calculations on floor cost, percentage, and/or extra per unit dollar values. Plus, opt to exclude stock codes like labour and freight that don’t apply to payments.

Using various filters in Jim2, run a list of invoiced jobs and RFC’s to start reconciling the jobs and stock that include commissions to be paid. This new addition will give management an overview of all the active line items where commission applies, making it easy to track staff KPI’,s and drill down into the jobs and stock that make up the total figures.

Purchase Order – Line Level Due Dates and Stock Flow

New enhancement added to stock on purchase orders at a stock line level lets you capture the date that each stock line is due to be delivered to you by your vendor. This new due date entry is key to the functioning of a new ETA management in Jim2 called Stock Flow.

Located on the Stock tab in the Jim2 Ribbon, staff can check out Stock Flow to see a running list of all stock due to be delivered. And they can also see the corresponding job due date advised to your customers in the same place.

Staff can filter this list by a range of criteria that relate to the PO, jobs, stock and sorted by any column header within the table, to get a better grasp of what’s coming in, any delays, and any jobs impacted by changes to delivery.

Copy/Move/Merge Function

This new addition brings time savings to help users easily transfer or combine the contents of jobs or quotes in Jim2.

It’s a great feature when you need to invoice a portion of stock currently on a quote/job, or when there are two active jobs in the system which are in fact the single identical request.

Available to adjust jobs, quotes and templates, the three new options enable users to:

  • Copy – stock lines from a quote to a job, one job to another, etc.
  • Move – stock, comments, emails (including attachments) and/or labour from one job to another, etc.
  • Merge – stock, comments, emails (including attachments) and labour from one job to another, and cancel the original object.

Perfect for your sales and service teams to adjust jobs and quotes in Jim2 without losing important details, or creating an administration headache. These new options are also tracked in History and object comments.

New Addition to Regional Settings

Canadian tax and reporting requirements are now supported by Jim2 Business Engine. We’re very excited to welcome our new Canadian customers, who will find tax codes and additional components in Jim2 to handle Canadian province/territory taxes. Plus, alternative date formats (MM/DD/YYY), Letter size reports, and updated cheque reports to match local banking system requirements.

Enhancements to Bulk Payments Functionality

This release includes enhancements to streamline the entry of multiple payments from external systems (such as BPAY, debtors financing, etc), and managing direct debits, with new ability to:

  • Use a new generic spreadsheet template to import transactions made on multiple dates, via multiple payment methods into Jim2.
  • Apply a single credit from customer to multiple outstanding invoices.
  • Add a grace period between invoicing and collecting the direct debit from your customer in Jim2.

To speed up the entry of bulk payments into Jim2, accounts staff can also use a new generic spreadsheet to import general journals into Jim2.

Enhancements to Jim2 User Interface

New Search Ribbon tool – Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Jim2 Ribbon? Use the new Search Ribbon tool to navigate Jim2 with ease. Find the new search field at the top of the Jim2 Ribbon or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+L to start searching the ribbon.

New Shortcut to a Project List – With a customer CardFile open, click on the Card Code to see the new hyperlink option to Create a Project List for (the selected Card Code). This shortcut will take you to a list of all projects for your customer.

Clean, Flat Look, and Auto-hide Scroll Bars – This release sees a new clean, flat look introduced to Jim2, which is particularly noticeable in Jim2 Scheduling. Presenting softer lines for an appealing task-focused look, this release also features new auto-hide scroll bars across Jim2 to maximise space on the screen. Just hover over the scroll indicator to show the scroll bar.

And Much More...

Keep an eye out here for more information about this exciting release coming soon to Jim2 Business Engine.

In the meantime, on premises customers can prepare for the new features by reading up on the Jim2 Technical requirements at Jim2 Online Help to ensure your server and workstations setup is ready behind the scenes. Time saver for our cloud customers! You don’t need to worry about it as you’re in the cloud.

This release is available to all active customers running any edition of Jim2 Business Engine.

Thanks for learning about the latest developments to Jim2 Business Engine. We’re excited to release these features to all customers in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or feedback for the team, contact us via webchat or the contact us form.

Dave said:
1/02/2019 3:35:10 PM
Have you looked at being able to use two monitors?
13/03/2019 3:44:51 PM
This is currently not available Dave.
Linda Carr said:
13/03/2019 3:46:14 PM
This is currently not possible.
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