Mail in Jim2 v3.2 - The Lowdown
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8/06/2011 4:56 PM

Email Integration – Why You Need It

Most ERP software supports emailing out – for example, emailing invoices or statements. What makes Jim2 V3.2 unique is that it handles not only sending, but receiving and actioning emails – in short, full email integration.

Full email integration means that emails can not only relate generally to a customer or a supplier, but to a particular support ticket, quote or purchase order. Let me explain why we decided to add this and what it means for you:

We asked clients what they needed most from their business software, and amongst other things they told us that managing helpdesk and support was a major headache. We had the exact same issue ourselves – hours are wasted every day copying notes from emails into jobs, entering CRM details and so on. We realised that if we had the problem and our customers had the problem maybe there was something bigger we needed to address to streamline workflow and expedite processes even more.

Imagine this for managed print services: Copier machines can already automatically email a contact when they have a problem (such as needing servicing or toner). Jim2 v3.2 can then take that email, look at where it came from and what it’s referring to and then automatically create a service ticket that appears as part of your normal workflow. No sweat, no human error, all documented and ready for you to act on without you lifting a finger.

Full email integration also means that communications can be templated and easily integrated into workflow processes. Say, for example, you have common responses/answers: set up a template, Jim2 v3.2 can personalise the template to that customer and file it against their particular service ticket or quote. Next time another member of staff looks up that service ticket/quote, the email and its responses are all there.

It's Big. Real Big.

There’s still a little way to go with more testing to make sure it’s perfect, but the responses so far tell us that we’re onto something BIG:

“Firstly, let me say I think the whole concept and functionality is awesome. I have been playing with the different Email rules and have heaps of fantastic ideas. I especially like the regular expression and the ability to link to card files groups. This gives me endless possibilities on what I can do. The way this all works  is very straightforward and easy to understand.”

We can't wait to share it with you, stay tuned for more information on the release of Jim2 v3.2 soon!

MP said:
1/08/2011 1:35:29 PM
Does this work with SBS 2003?
online gokken said:
5/09/2011 9:46:34 PM
Next time another member of staff looks up that service ticket/quote, the email and its responses are all there
Henk Pasma said:
13/09/2011 1:35:53 PM
Sounds exciting. I hope it will be able to integrate with our Linux system and emailing.

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Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Job Information Management (Jim – DOS version) in 1990. Paul currently heads the development team of Jim 2 (the Windows-based version of the original application). His experience is clearly evident in the clean architecture and functionality of Jim 2. This product is positioned as one of the few business software applications currently able to adapt to the new market demands for true B2B and B2C interaction.