'Just in Time' Stock Control Keeps YOU in Control!
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15/05/2012 9:16 AM

As you know, we’re constantly working on ways to improve your processes in Jim2 Business Engine, and one thing we’ve done in Version 3.2 is to enhance Stock Procurement.

Stock Procurement allows you to manage your stock levels based on history, usage and fixed minimum quantity levels.

It works by first calculating which stock needs reordering, then automatically creates the purchase orders and stock transfers needed to meet those requirements. It also takes into account excess stock levels that are available in other locations, and could be ‘transferred’ rather than purchased.

A handy new feature we’ve added is time-based procurement and monitoring. For example, if you want to hold stock for a set period of time, you can see and control how much stock you have remaining, and know how long it will last. Not only that, you can also know when you have more stock than you want to hold for that period – so you can organise to sell it off. No more money tied up needlessly in excess stock.

Putting you in complete control of every aspect of your business is what Jim2 Business Engine is all about, and the new enhancements in Stock Procurement are just one of the ways we’re helping you grow your business.

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