Jim2 Dashboards
19/04/2012 10:32 AM

It’s imperative for managers and owners to have a good handle on all aspects of their business. The best way to do this in Jim2 Business Engine is with the Dashboard – a quick and easy way to keep you up-to-date at a glance.

The Dashboard can be used to monitor the health of your business in real time, help prepare for meetings, manage your operations, and keep an eye on productivity at a glance. Pie charts, reports, graphs and data on your business – all in real time, all in one place.

Every business is unique, so Dashboard is completely customisable to show you exactly the reports and information you want to see. Using the simple Dashboard Customisation controls you will have your own custom view set up in no time.

Use the Performance Dashboard 'Account Watch' in Jim2 to see the balance in any account from your GL. Compare this year's sales to last year's, assets versus liabilities and plenty more.

One of the major keys to controlling cash flow is to manage your debtors and creditors: Jim2 makes it quick and easy to see who owes you money, as well as what payments you have outgoing. Easily look up overdue accounts, invoices, analyse customers on credit hold and those who are over their credit limit.

Examine the status of your Jobs instantly: Dashboard shows you exactly where you are up to in terms of open jobs – absolutely essential for service based businesses. Display active jobs, or view job statistics over a period.

Never again be in a position of not knowing what’s happening in your business – be in total control, always!

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