Is Every Opportunity Being Followed Up?
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22/01/2013 7:10 AM

By John Green

Really, how do you know?

It’s a common curse for all businesses – we all spend thousands of dollars on promoting and creating opportunities, whether that be having a yellow pages advert, attending network functions, looking after clients or running actual marketing campaigns. So, as you are spending your hard earned money to create opportunities, you want to ensure that every opportunity is dealt with, followed up and actioned.

Most business owners I talk to can’t guarantee that their opportunities are being captured and followed up, because if they can’t track it then how do they measure it?

At Happen Business, we do capture every opportunity and we follow up – how?

Easily, because every opportunity, a conversation, phone call, chance meeting or request from a client via email, is captured in our one company application – Jim2 Business Engine.

All opportunities are captured by creating a quote in Jim2 – even our cold calls become quotes in Jim2. And do you know what? Every member of the Happen team will create a quote whether it is from a support ticket or a phone conversation, which means it’s assigned to a sales person, with details such as type of opportunity, client, follow up and action.

So we’ve passed step one, ensuring how every opportunity is captured. Now step two, which is just as important – ‘the follow up’.

Again, it’s so easy in Jim2 – how?

Because of Jim2 Lists. For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Lists, they are like reminders, searches, to do’s. Lists are incredibly powerful ways of dissecting your data to find, follow up and action.

Honestly, how can you follow up if you don’t know what to follow up? Well, in Jim2 it’s easy because I can run a number of Lists to see and monitor the following:

  1. My opportunities by follow-up date
  2. All my sales team’s opportunities by follow-up date
  3. Any new opportunities

And I haven’t even mentioned that at a glance I know what stage of the sale cycle it's at, what it is worth in terms of revenue, cost and profit, that it is being dealt with by whom and when it’s going to fall.

So that’s how I know all opportunities are being captured and dealt with. Remember, sales is an easy game. It’s purely a numbers game – the more opportunities you have, the more conversions you make.

If you still have a sales team updating excel spread sheets or running a contact/CRM system, then you really need to check that all opportunities are being captured and followed up.

But you can’t – which means ask us about Jim2!

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