How To Read Stock Transactions
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26/09/2012 1:33 PM

By Ernest Jaraminas

The Transactions tab in Stock can be a very useful tool when tracing back history of stock. The Transactions tab not only shows records of every single action against stock (eg. Purchase, Sale, Transfer, etc), but also inner relationships between the records themselves.

A few quick tips:

  • If you can't find older transactions, try loading all records first, right mouse click on the transactions grid and select 'Show All' (Jim2 loads the last 1000 records by default)
  • Use filters to narrow down the result set – hover your mouse over the column header you want to filter and click on the filter icon, then choose wanted values. You can filter multiple columns at the same time. For example, set the filter for required stock location and then show only sales records

  • Use grouping – drag the column header above the grid to group by that column
  • Use sorting – click on the column header you want to sort (click twice to change sort order between ascending/descending). Hold the Shift key to sort by multiple columns

Relationship between the records

Everything in stock transactions is linked back to Purchase Order (PO# and POLine# columns), except when sold in advance. In this case PO# and POLine# will have -1 in both columns.

When you sell, transfer, adjust down or return stock to vendor, all of these transactions will link back to the original Purchase Order via the 'Link Tran' column. For example, in the screen shot below you can see that Sales #1841 was sold from Purchase Order #1406 – sales 'Link Tran' has value 37856 which is the same as the 'Tran#' of Purchase Order.

When you transfer stock to another location, Jim2 will split the original Purchase transaction and will also link the transfer back to the Purchase Order. In the example below there were 10 units purchased originally and 3 transferred to another location:

Return from Customer will link back to the Sales record ('Link Tran' 37858 on Return links to 'Tran#' on Sale record):

'Link GL' column

You can use the 'Link GL' column to find linked GL Transaction in 'Accounts/Transaction Journal:


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