How Aldgate Pumps Used Jim2 Improve Cash Flow
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19/08/2019 2:15 PM

Aldgate Pumps Sales & Service are the Adelaide and Adelaide Hills water treatment and filtration specialists. Opening their doors in 1982, their services now span the entire installation process including design, supply,
installation and maintenance. 

Running their operations across two retail and workshop locations, and with an infield service staff, James Ward
and the team were finding it increasingly difficult to hand
off finished jobs to the accounts team, and keep a handle
on their stock.

“Administration was increasing, with a large number of
manual daily processes and spreadsheets to balance
our day. 
Our debtors were huge, our stock control was
abysmal – especially stock between stores, quotes
and other correspondence 
that was late getting to
customers and, worst of all, our communication to our
clients suffered as the head didn’t know
what the tail was doing.”

     James Ward, Director of Aldgate Pump Sales & Service

With limited integration between systems and a need for job management with workflow, James started looking for Australian service workflow solutions with local support. He found Jim2 and booked a live web demonstration to see what it offered, and to ask questions.

“As a manager, being able to see what is happening across the entire company on one screen is tremendously valuable.
Through use of status and workflows, each job can easily progress through infield service staff, the workshop
and supplier teams, ensuring information is current, and communication and productivity are maintained.

"We deduced that, by switching to Jim2 we could potentially save approximately 15 hours a week in administration.
In reality, we saved that and more.”

Outstanding Benefits to the Team

  • Reduced debtors by 30% and see payment faster.
  • Significantly less stock loss.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Enhanced customer service and communication between staff.
  • Reduced administration time.

Read the Full Story

Discussing their experience with Jim2 and managing manufacturing jobs, read the Aldgate Pump Sales & Service case study today.

Jim2 Business Engine is a power-packed ERP package designed to bring together the operations of businesses that buy, sell, service and manufacture in one database. It gives business the opportunity to connect their staff onsite instantly with those in the field, improving the handover of new sales and service jobs from one team to the next.

If you experience frustrations as a result of lack of visibility in your business, contact us to book a personalised Jim2 web demonstration.

Work smarter with beautiful software.

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