Here's a sneak peek into our next release Jim2 v4.1
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30/06/2017 3:56 PM

We're so excited, we can't keep tight lipped much longer! We have been working non stop on new additions and enhancements in the next release of Jim2 Business Engine, which is in its final stages leading up to the BIG announcement.

Coming soon – Jim2 Version 4.1


We’re super excited about this one – the official launch of Jim2.Cloud. The same software you know and love, fully managed and delivered via the cloud.

Built on the back of Microsoft Azure, and especially optimised for the cloud, your team can use Jim2 across multiple devices and locations.

Jim2.Cloud is available in a new suite of five editions – Standard, Premium, Enterprise, Managed Services, and Managed Print Services – all of which feature a monthly subscription model, enabling you to easily add new named users as your business grows.

Existing customers can easily move across to Jim2.Cloud and it’s new licensing model… but hey, no pressure, our existing annual subscription on-premises model is not going anywhere.

Managed Services Edition

Dynamic Kit Support

New Dynamic Kit Support added to the Managed Services Edition to help you customise and tailor stock on jobs within projects. With the ability to hide aspects of stock lines within the kit, this addition ultimately helps you to prepare the ideal invoice for your clients.

Project Templates

Derived from the very structured Managed Print Services project setup that saw users create a project exclusively composed of Billing, Onsite, Workshop, Consumable and Service jobs only. We have removed the set structure, enabling you to create templates that suit the activities and actions associated with your projects.

Publish Jim2 Lists to Others

Originally conceptualised following customer feedback about managing a mobile workforce, this addition is an excellent feature to lock down workflows in Jim2 among staff. It enables you to create standardised lists, and publish them to other users' (or user groups) navigation trees to keep tasks in check and moving down the line without being misplaced.

Online Help File

Taking the help file online gives far more flexibility to this wealth of knowledge. Bookmark important pages, send key information to other users, and find up to date content as we publish. Sporting a new look, the online Jim2 Help File continues to be accessible from the Jim2 menu (F1) in its new look web-based format.

New Search Tools

The new Find panel helps you to search keywords in emails, job lists, quote lists, CardFile lists, etc. Plus the new Global Search Criteria means you can pick exactly which parts of Jim2 you want to contain your search to.

Bulk Email

Send an email to a group of customers within a CardFile, job or project list in Jim2. Pick from a selection of contact options to narrow down your list of recipients of your email communication.

And much, much more...

  • Enhancements to suit the new Dynamic Supplies feed formatting into Jim2 via eBusiness Connect
  • Comments fields now include spellcheck and autocorrect
  • Enhancements to Jim2's data import process
  • New login screens, adaptive layout and clean, flat 'Office 2016' look
  • New navigation features, making it easier to get around Jim2
  • New stock tabs, multicurrency editing, and more on Jim2 Mobile.

We look forward to sharing more details with you real soon.

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