Email is Still One of the Best Forms of Communication
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31/07/2013 10:01 AM

There’s been a bit of talk lately about email dying. It’s true that today’s young generation forgo email in favour of SMS, Facebook, Instagram and a myriad of other forms of social media to communicate.

But that doesn’t mean email is dead. Far from it. After all, that’s only one section of the overall community. There’s the older generation and business as well, and they are also using social media, but not as their only form of communication.

Social media has a role, but so does the telephone, something that’s been around forever. Even the telephone has changed to meet current needs, but it certainly hasn’t gone away.

Social networks aren’t going to replace the telephone, texting, email or face to face conversations with the majority of the population.

In fact, as social media and other technologies grow, email will too. And for all the talk of social media replacing email, all of them actually have their own email-like messaging capabilities.

Both Facebook and Twitter use email to alert users to things relevant to them!

And what about email in business?

Even the young generation work, and no doubt email figures quite highly in their work day. It is, and will remain a primary form of communication for every business. It’s faster than writing a letter and posting it, and it’s still in written form so there’s a physical record.

Whilst it may be that email is dying on a personal (and younger) level, it isn’t going anywhere in a hurry for business, just like the good old telephone, and even the written letter.

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