Email in Jim2 Version 3.2
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6/03/2012 2:07 PM

Now that you’ve had time to familiarise yourself with the latest release of Jim2, we thought it a good time to explain some of the new functionality, to help you get the most out of the fantastic new Email feature.

One of the most frequently asked question is: ‘Should I have my personal email in Jim2 as well?’.

The answer to that is a definite ‘NO’!

While the Email feature is powerful enough to replace email programs such as Outlook, Jim2 Business Engine is designed to run your business, so personal emails are best kept separate.

The basis of the new Email feature is that all business emails are received into Jim2, captured and stored within the relevant Job, Quote, or Sale so that all information is in the one place.

For example, email is not only focused around who sent or received an email and its ‘status’ (sent, deleted), but what that email is related to (Sales, Service, Technical Support for example) and also what objects it is related to (Job, Quote, Purchase, CardFile and so on).

As with most other email programs, you can set up folders for specific purposes, but the big difference here is that both incoming and outgoing emails are stored in the one folder together.

It’s a much clearer way of tracking the conversation, and also makes managing correspondence between multiple parties much simpler.

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