Email folders and lists in Jim2 Version 3.2
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13/03/2012 7:36 AM

Continuing on with Email in Jim2, this time we’ll talk a bit about Email Folders and how much easier it becomes when you can group your emails in specific folders.

There are four standard global system email folders: Inbox, Outbox, Sent and Deleted, and all emails within Jim2 appear in their appropriate system folder. For example, all emails sent from Jim2 will appear in the System Sent folder, regardless of who sent them or who the email was sent to. However, security can be set at a user or group level, allowing you to control who sees what.

Outside of this standard four, you can create Custom email folders in Jim2 to suit your own needs. For example, emails sent from or received by a particular email address (such as can be tagged as ‘Support’ and will show in the ‘Support’ folder.

Email lists work just like any other list within Jim2, except that they must be based on an Email Folder. Having specific email lists allows staff members to concentrate on their particular areas and speed up response times. This also provides a method of enabling user security at an email folder level.


Unlike other email clients, email folders can display both incoming and outgoing emails, so you can easily follow the correspondence. It’s not necessary to create separate ‘Support Outbox’, ‘Support Inbox’ folders, unless you choose to.

Email just keeps on getting easier!

For much more comprehensive information on Email Folders please refer to the Jim2 v3.2 Release Notes

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