Big Hugs for our Wishlist
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11/01/2013 9:32 AM

By Renee Pimentel

January is a great time to ruminate over the previous year. Perfect for re-evaluating and prioritising my bottomless wish list. I am prepared for when the MD asks me again for my top 5 wishes.

A 4-day week, shorter work day, longer lunches, abolishment of 8am meetings and better quality beer on Fridays?

Ok, maybe he will not be referring to that wishlist!

Here at Happen we maintain a Jim2 Wishlist. We call it ‘Hugs’. It’s not only a repository for the Happen Team to record ideas to enhance Jim2, but also a compilation of user suggestions for requested features and improvements.

As part of the Support team, I am responsible for Hugging users’ contributions. We welcome any suggestions to our Wishlist. This is not just a process done in vain! This repository is scoured when Developers are working on new releases.

Enhancements to Jim2 that have derived from the users’ Wishlist have been known to generate great excitement on release.

Automatic Credit Hold is one such feature – a small enhancement that proved to be a real hit amongst Accounts Personnel. Debtor and Creditor Payments memory is also a small feature that came from users’ suggestions, and has been a much cheered improvement.

It is our commitment to our users to ensure that Jim2 continually develops to stay ahead of an ever-changing business world. This is our focus. Our Developers are often locked away working on cutting edge additions to Jim2 (exciting announcements to come early this year!).

However, users can be guaranteed that their contributions are welcomed, catalogued and thoughtfully considered.

Big Hug to everyone that has contributed to the Wishlist over the years…

(Incidentally, Tom gets the beer on Fridays and ought to be demoted!)

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