A Huge Country, Many Kilometers to Travel, Always an Adventure...
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28/02/2013 12:59 PM

By Ian Dick

Happen Business, being a Sydney based company camped on the east coast of a very large island, makes it necessary to spend a large amount of time travelling. The team of Business Analysts at Happen use planes in the same way as most people use buses or trains – a trip to the airport usually means wearing business shoes rather than thongs.

I recently 'celebrated' 9 years of this lifestyle, my anniversary falling while I was away on a 2½ week Perth trip, implementing Jim2 with one of our new customers. The weather was great (38–42oC every day), the accommodation very comfortable, and my neighbours were quiet (30 sheep, ranging from dusty to mangy, lolling about in the sandy confines of the paddock across the road). And all this only 15 kms from Perth CBD!

While I was away on this trip it occurred to me just how long I have been working as a Business Analyst. Many people have asked me if I 'like this job that much', given that I usually spend over 25 weeks away from home each year. My answer is always the same – “I must, otherwise I wouldn’t do the job”.

But really, why do I like this job?

I like the dynamic nature of the job – working with different teams, in different industries, in different states of Australia. The only thing in common is the use of Jim2 by all these diverse businesses, which is testament to the versatility of this sensational software. I have implemented Jim2 in Engineering, Automotive, Printing, Communications, IT, Copier, Food, Photography, Furniture, Software, Accounting, Importing, Exporting, Training, Construction, Distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, etc. businesses, and Jim2 suits all of them!

I like the way that Jim2 can be configured in so many ways, using all sorts of features, to suit these businesses. Our customers use Advanced Warehousing, Kitting and Packaging, Scheduling, Managed Services, Managed Print Services, Multicurrency, eBusiness transactions, all integral to Jim2, yet optional for each Jim2 customer. They use system reports, custom reports and custom dashboards to analyse their information – all different businesses, yet the same software.

I like the people I meet – most of whom are particularly welcoming and friendly. They make these trips less stressful, and in the main, pleasant. We really have some of the best customers.

Next time, I might tell you what I hate about this job – for sure it will be the punctuality of Qantas and Virgin Australia!

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