Get Ready for Jim2® v4.1

The following information details instructions to move from Jim2 v3.2 and v3.3 to the latest release of Jim2.

We have always strived to use the most current development tools, compilers, and technologies available. This is important for both us as a company, and you as a customer, ensuring we are competitive and relevant, and providing your business with the most current, and best business tools available.

New Scripting Engine in Jim2 v4.0

The scripting engine we were using was past its due date. It was holding us back from using the current compilers available, which was a real problem. As such, and after considerable development effort, we replaced the scripting engine in Jim2 v4.0 with one that allows us to move forward, and provides many additional benefits, including ‘Server Side’ scripting, which in basic terms means we can make many reports available via Jim2 Mobile such as Invoices, Statements, Job Reports, Delivery Dockets etc.

Replacing a scripting engine and maintaining compatibility with the thousands of existing custom scripts and reports is pretty tricky, and is well near impossible to achieve. We estimate that the new scripting engine is around 95% compatible with the old one. For that reason, any custom scripts (scripts – not necessarily reports) need to be updated prior to upgrading to Jim2 v4.0 and above.

Note: All system reports and system scripts have been updated, and are included in Jim2 v4.0 and later.

Custom Script Conversion

Typically, upgrading Jim2 to the latest version is a very simple process.

The process is much the same, except, as a result of the new scripting engine we cannot 100% guarantee that custom scripts and reports will work.

Jim2 v3.3 Service Release includes an 'Export Custom Scripts' function that allows you to send any custom script you have to Happen Business for analysis and conversion, if required, prior to upgrading.

The conversion process is typically very minor, and is mainly due to 'sloppy' syntax allowed in the old scripting engine.

Does this apply to me?

If you do have custom scripts, we suggest you upgrade to the latest Jim2 v3.3 Service release prior to upgrading, enabling you to send your custom scripts to the Happen Business Team for checking and conversion.

If you're unsure, please contact Happen Support. For customers that don't run custom scripts, simply upgrade to the latest version of Jim2 per the instructions on the Latest Update page.

What can I expect?

We'll review your scripts to ensure every custom script operates as it is intended, and return the scripts to you in the updated format. You can continue to perform the upgrade, and then import your updated scripts to the latest version of Jim2.

We ask you to export your custom scripts prior to performing the upgrade to ensure you do not suffer any loss of critical Jim2 functionality provided via a custom script.

What if I've already done the upgrade?

If you've upgraded prior to having your custom scripts attended to, Jim2 will still function, however any functionality provided via your custom scripts will not. You can still send your scripts for upgrading, but keep in mind we cannot guarantee the turnaround time for their conversion.

How to export custom scripts to Happen Business

We suggest you perform the following steps to send your custom scripts to Happen Business:

Step 1. Upgrade to the latest Jim2 v3.3 Service Release to ensure the custom script export function is available.

Step 2. Go to the Jim2 ribbon and select Tools > Scripting Engine.

Step 3. In the Script Editor, click the 'Send Scripts to Happen' icon to send your scripts to our team for analysis.

Step 4. Our team will review your custom scripts, and advise if they require manual attention.

If your exported custom scripts do not require conversion, you can skip performing the activities in Step 6 below. You are free to upgrade Jim2 with full functionality of your custom scripts.

If your custom scripts do require conversion, you will receive the converted custom scripts. You can proceed to the next step, ready to upgrade Jim2.

Step 5. Perform the upgrade to the latest version of Jim2 Business Engine.

Step 6. After completing the upgrade, import your converted custom scripts by clicking Tools > Scripting Engine, and clicking on the 'Import from Happen' icon.

We thank you for completing these activities preparing for the latest version of Jim2.

If you have any additional questions in regard to upgrading to the latest update, please contact us.