Over 70 exciting new enhancements

Jim2® Business Engine v4.2

This power-packed release features new user security and history tracking enhancements to manage larger teams, multilevel manufacturing to fix costs in complex manufacturing processes in Jim2, new region-specific
configurations, and much more.

Take a tour of this brand new version of Jim2 Business Engine.

User Security and History Enhancements

New User Groups

These exciting new enhancements help businesses, particularly larger companies, to better organise users,
and easily manage Jim2 user security access. 

Having difficulty organising your users’ card files
in Jim2? New User Groups help sites to sort their staff’s
User card files into departments and roles, such as
labelling a user in the service department and as a level
1 technician. 

With staff sorted into teams and roles, jump into the setup of Jim2 Items to allocate jobs and quotes to your newly set up user groups, rather than individual staff.  This terrific addition is perfect when managing staff movements within the company.

Effective User Security

When it comes to managing your users’ security access, new Effective User Security enhancements are ideal to manage security access for staff with multi-faceted responsibilities that require more system access than their primary role entails. 

This enhancement enables managers to add multiple security profiles to a user’s security access. 

Perfect for staff that split their time between departments – a few days in the support team and the rest of the week in the warehouse, those that help out during busy periods, or those that perform other tasks in addition to their core role. 

Rather than creating a custom security profile to grant unique security access, you can now add multiple security profiles to a single user, like customer support and warehouse security profiles, creating an ‘effective’ user security group.

Compare Security Profiles

New enhancements to the User Security form that enable managers and owners to view and compare user security access:

  • ‘By User’, which is great to compare access of a user when they are linked to more than one security group. 
  • ‘By Group’ to compare a complete overview of multiple users’ security access side by side.

Updates are easily made to the user's card file, ensuring they have access to get the task done.


Trackable Reports

Gain more visibility over the running of reports from Jim2 Business Engine. This release introduces new Trackable Reports that logs when a user views, exports and prints a Jim2 report in the History section. 

The log includes date/time, user, Jim2 object type, object number, event, report path and name.


Enhancements to History

Jim2 History log is now much more ‘list’ like, with new grouping, sorting and filtering options – and includes new filters to search by user, date ranges, last 1000 entries, and more. 

Jim2 also features a new ‘Allow viewing History’ security setting that lets you grant users access to view object history. Those with access can see which objects have been edited, moved, and more. 


Multilevel Manufacturing

Now, there’s greater visibility over complex manufacturing processes with the exciting introduction of multilevel (fixed cost) manufacturing to Jim2 Business Engine, in addition to existing single level manufacturing functionality.

Capture each level of sub-assembly at a fixed cost and better account for expenses, with complex manufacturing process that reduces documentation outside of your core system.

This new addition to Jim2 enables businesses to track the manufacturing workflow from manufacturing job to stock on hand of sub-assemblies, that can be used in several other sub-assemblies or the final manufactured product in Jim2.


New Region-Specific Settings

As Jim2’s user base has grown into new countries, so must its functionality to make users feel at home. New region-specific settings enable businesses to set their taxation region to Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, where the country's home currency is also reflected throughout Jim2. 

This release also enables you to personalise Jim2 with your region's formatting of registered business number, address categories, value-added tax term, and date format.


Plus Much More

  • Maximum limit increased from 20 to 25 Lists for each object in the Nav Tree.
  • New option to create purchase order or expense order from an email, and have the email linked to the new object. 
  • New base rate and daily rate-based meter that takes contract in/out into account in the Managed Print Services edition.
  • Jim2 Client now uses much less memory, and is faster at reloading lookups.
  • New Total Cost Summary field added to the stock Stats tab.
  • New security option to enable a user to Flag All Stock as Inactive.
  • Multiple email contacts for invoicing, statements, purchases.
  • New CardFile Ship Card tab to track shipping addresses.
  • New Current Locks tab to track logged users, as well as add/edit objects.
  • New option to allow email actions to be applied to an emails decoded text.
  • And much more.

We invite customers to complete the free upgrade to this version. Visit the Latest Update page to read the full list of features and enhancements in the release notes.

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