NEW! MPS Connectors

Jim2 MPS Connectors directly integrate your Jim2 Business Engine with:

  Canon e-Maintenance
  Konica Minolta
  Print Audit
  PrintSolv FM Audit
  Ricoh Direct
  Ricoh @Remote
  Generic CSV and XML

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Ricoh @Remote

Jim2® Managed Print Services Connectors: Ricoh @Remote

Jim2® Business Engine is able to integrate with Ricoh's @Remote offering to automatically bring in Meter Reads and then prepare your billing. This has the effect of saving hours of data entry per month, as well as reducing errors in your billing.

Intelligent Remote Management System

Ricoh's '@Remote' offering utilises a single connected hardware appliance to collect device data, receive and report service and toner alerts, and enable remote firmware upgrades.

What are the benefits of Ricoh's @Remote product?

  • Automatic, accurate and timely meter reads and billing
  • Usage reporting for the device fleet is accessible remotely from a secure website using a web browser
  • Increased up-time and the ability to match device location to work load
  • Ability to optimise for efficiency and cost reduction

More Advantages for Ricoh Dealers who use Jim2® MPS Edition

Ricoh Price Feeds Utility

Imagine having the entire parts catalogue loaded into your Accounting system so you can simply search for and view Ricoh parts without leaving your normal working environment? Jim2 allows you to do just that.

  • No more re-keying
  • Quicker quoting
  • Less keying errors

Once you have your Ricoh pricelists on CD with the 'F' Menu and 'D' Menu pricing, you simply load it into Jim2 and you will instantly have access to all Ricoh parts in Jim2, including Part No., Price, and Product Group.

Ricoh Direct Rebates Processing

Jim2 can now process your Ricoh Direct Rebates with ease. We have included a new payment type in Jim2 specifically for Ricoh dealers to reduce your administration.

  • Reduce manual reconciliation
  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Includes your reconciliation report for Ricoh

If you are currently using Ricoh @Remote and would like a demonstration of Jim2 Managed Print Services and how we integrate with @Remote, please call us on 02 9570 4696 or fill in the form below and we will call you.

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