Jim2 Business Engine Stock Procurement FeatureStock Procurement

'Just in Time' Stock Control Keeps You in Control!

To assist sites in maintaining ‘just in time’ stock control, Jim2 includes Stock Procurement functionality.

This allows you to manage your stock levels based on history, usage and fixed minimum quantity levels. Stock Procurement works by first calculating which stock needs reordering, then allows you to automatically create the purchase orders and stock transfers needed to meet those requirements. Jim2 Stock Procurement will take into account excess stock levels available in other locations that could be ‘transferred’ rather than purchased.

Minimum low/high values also provides a sliding window for ordering stock using Stock Procurement.

Not only that, Jim2 is so intelligent, if you want to hold stock for, say, 28 days you will be able to see at a glance how much stock you have remaining and how long that will last.

You can also see when you have more stock than you want to hold for that period so that you can arrange to sell it off.


Stock Procurement calculates how many of which products need ordering, based on various factors including:

  • Minimum quantity on hand by location
  • The number of days worth of stock required
  • Re-order quantity
  • Days Supply
  • Stock availability in other locations (able to be transferred, rather than ordered)
  • Average sold per day for previous ‘x’ days, or during the same period last year
  • X% increase on previous stock level
  • Vendor lead time.

Jim2 Stock Procurement will identify the stock that requires reorder or transfer based on your calculation choices, and presents a ‘recommendation’ order/transfer quantity based on:

  • Quantity on hand
  • Quantity allocated on Jobs
  • Quantity already on purchase order (on status of ordered)
  • Quantity available at other (bulk) locations that could be transferred inwards.


More Control

With Jim2 Stock Procurement you are able to:

  • Exclude stock attributes on procurement when that information is not required
  • Filter by purchase and/or job date due
  • Exclude package and kits in sales/transfer figures
  • Ignore lead times and reorder quantity when doing transfers
  • Not order from inactive vendors
  • Purchase/Transfer in Sell units
  • Handle new stock with limited sales history
  • Allow for purchasing window using Min Qty Low/High
  • Display average monthly sales
  • Bulk update procurement
  • Update and refine one or multiple stock's procurement parameters.


In Jim2 you are able to exclude stock attributes on procurement when that information isn't required. You can filter by purchase and/or job date due and you can exclude package and kits in sales/transfer figures, as well as ignoring lead times and reorder quantity when doing transfers.

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