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12/08/2011 12:00 AM

When it comes to business, efficiency is key. A good product is great, but the ability to create that product and get it out to consumers in the quickest and most cost-effective way is what sets successful businesses apart. It's for this reason that business owners should constantly be looking for new ways to streamline their businesses and increase productivity. The less time and money it takes for your to do your job, the more time and money you have to make... well, more money!

There are several ways in which efficiency can be boosted from within an organisation, from employee incentives to restructuring, and most importantly through applying the right computer software to your needs. Good Business Software makes it easier for all elements of an organisation to work in sync with each other, and can not only save huge amounts of time, but improve your consumer-facing communication as well. Here, we've got three great tips for streamlining your business and increasing productivity.

Strengths-Based Management
Working with people is always something of a balancing act. Unlike computers or machines, each person is different, and is in essence an unknown quantity to add to the complex alchemy of business management. For those in management positions however, one of the best tools they have at their disposal is strengths-based management. This means getting to know the strengths and weaknesses of staff, and working to their strengths to ensure that everyone is working at their optimum capacity.

For a long time, the corporate world has had fairly rigid views of what makes a good employee. Within the confines of his or her job description an employee's ability to perform their set tasks have always been the benchmark. Things are changing however, as business owners and managers alike are becoming more flexible in the way they judge an employee's value. Of course an employee must adhere to their job description and complete tasks well, but a good manager will be able to assess strengths and weaknesses, and alter roles to fit those who are best equipped for them. This saves time and effort, as well as utilising the current labour pool to its full ability.

Computers and Internet technology provide businesses with the single biggest opportunity for a jump in efficiency and productivity since the industrial revolution. With each passing day new technology is developed that can help us become more effective in business, but the key is knowing how best to implement that technology in our individual situations.

ERP Software, for example, streamlines the various components of an organisation so that data and communication can be shared freely between each department, saving a significant amount of time, man power and money. Choosing the right ERP software can change the face of how your organisation does business, while failing to implement it can leave you trailing behind the pack.

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