Software Solutions For When Business is Booming
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31/07/2011 12:00 AM

When your business was just starting out you probably utilised small-time accounting software such as MYOB or QuickBooks in order to allow yourself an easier time handling the more tedious processes associated with your business. However, now, business is booming and you’re at the stage where you’re no longer just another small business – you’re beginning to reach a stage where you can call yourself a medium-level enterprise. As a result, you need to take the next step in Business Software.

Enterprise resource planning
The solution to your software situation can come in the form of enterprise resource planning, or ERP for short. ERP refers to a software-based management system that works by integrating various aspects of your business, including...

  • Quoting
  • Planning
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Human resources
  • Sales and marketing
  • and much more

A great ERP has the capacity to manage your business from top to bottom, integrating and streamlining processes between departments, and resulting in higher levels of efficiency throughout your company.

There was a time, however, when small to medium businesses (SMBs) could scarcely afford even the most basic ERP software. Unfortunately, it was the sole domain of larger enterprises, even when business was booming for these SMBs. This only served to widen the gap between the two levels of business, with larger corporations – who could afford the set up fees associated with ERP – benefiting immensely from its streamlined processes. Meanwhile, SMBs – who did not have the same financial capacity for the initial investment – struggled to keep pace.

This is not the case anymore. These days, ERP Software designers have created products with growing SMBs in mind. This new brand of ERP is far more affordable to set up, while still providing incredible opportunities for growth within your business. It truly enables SMBs to survive and even thrive in a competitive global market. It allows SMBs to eliminate the tedious, time-consuming processes and minutiae of everyday business management, streamlining processes and allowing business owners and employees to focus on achieving their market objectives.

Some of the ways ERP software can assist your business include:

  • Better management of stock. Thanks to serial number tracking, introducing ERP software to your business can see reductions in stock write-offs as high as 90 per cent

  • Better analysis of man hours. You’ll be able to view comparisons between the number of hours worked by staff and the actual number of hours billed

  • Less redundant data entry. By helping the various departments within your business to maintain a centralised database, ERP software will allow you and your employees to streamline data entry processes. This stands opposed to having various different databases and manual entry processes in place, which can lead to extra hours spent managing administrative minutiae, as well as a higher possibility of human error

  • Quicker access to files. By establishing consistent processes across departments, all maintained within a centralised database, ERP software also offers the advantage that these departments can access pertinent information quickly and easily, knowing it will have been entered correctly according to identified best business practices. This results in more efficient decision making which improves your bottom line

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