Six Key Issues for Choosing Business Software
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24/06/2011 12:00 AM

Business Software can be one of the most significant steps in growing any business. Whether it is your business’ first software package or an upgrade, it’s useful to keep some basic considerations in mind.

Are Software Updates Provided?
Not only do software updates keep your business in line with the latest technology, updates help your system run more smoothly as new versions of operating platforms (such as Windows and Linux) are released.

Look for developer companies that are interested in your feedback and incorporate customer feedback into their updates and software revisions.

Is there Ongoing Support?
Check if ongoing support is available. Like any new business skill or process, some ‘knowhow’ will go into using the software and integrating it into your business – no matter how user friendly the software.

  • Are they a local provider?
  • Will you be able to contact them by phone when you need to?

What's Involved in the Installation Process?
Factors to consider for installation:

  • Will you be able to run the software immediately?
  • How much interruption to your business can be expected?
  • Can you continue to run your old system at the same time, while you get used to the new software?
  • Is the installation carefully planned and controlled?
  • Will data migration be an issue?

Obviously you would like the least interruption possible to your business. The best business software providers:

  • plan installations carefully
  • implement the process as quickly as possible without compromising quality; and
  • let you continue with business as usual

Is it Compatible With My Existing Hardware System?
When you change business software, it may be useful to consider whether your hardware system needs updating. Business software providers may be able to advise you on the adequacy of your existing system and let you know if your hardware is restraining efficiency or growth.

Is it Sufficiently Adaptable to Meet the Needs of My Growing Business?
It’s a good idea to take longer term interests into account when changing business software.

  • Will your software continue to serve your growing business needs in six months, 1 or 5 years’ time?
  • If you add extra staff, can the software accommodate more users?
  • Will the new software easily accommodate new functions, more accounts, or a greater number of processes?
  • Did the developers of the software design the software with regard to your industry and its specific requirements

Is it Cross Functional?
Whether you’re upgrading from a specialised accounting package or simple inventory software, you will find ERP Software to be the best choice for your growing business. ERP software integrates all the different functions of a business, incorporating business processes to reduce paperwork or the need for repeat data entry and manual review of collected information.

Cross functional software can mean that all the following aspects are taken care of in one single software package:

  • Purchasing
  • Point of sale
  • Accounting
  • Reporting
  • Recording jobs
  • Human resources
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management

So the right ERP software can not only reduce repetition of administrative tasks, it lets you have a single interface for performing most business functions in the same program, which helps with the flow of information.

Callum Palmer said:
6/10/2017 8:32:20 AM
The article makes a good point about checking your existing hardware before buying business software. After all, if you're going to spend money to upgrade your business or teach your employees something new, you'll want to make sure it works first. You need to remember that not all software can run on older hardware, so you may have to rely on newer software for your business.
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