Cut Down on Marketing making a great product.
9/02/2010 7:54 AM

People always say there are two certainties in life...death and taxes.

I reckon there are two more...

Marketing is EXPENSIVE.
And People will TALK.

Product Marketing doesn’t start at the feature you just scored in your trade mag’s “New Product of the Month” section.

Product Marketing doesn’t start at the beaut new direct mail you just sent out to all your prospects.

And Product Marketing certainly doesn’t start on your website... (Check out our GREAT new product!). Yeah, sure!

Product (and indeed BRAND) Marketing actually starts at the conception of the product. Right at the beginning of the product lifecycle. The designs you use, the testing you go through, and the problems you are solving are all part of the marketing process.

1. Marketing is Expensive
Sending out 15,000 emails might seem cheap until you factor in the time taken to clean the list, get the creative done, actually send the mail, sort the unsubscribes and then do the reporting.

Sending out thousands of glossy brochures is never cheap at the best of times. Design, Creative and PR firms don’t exactly work for peanuts either.

Apple knows this. BMW knows this. Rolex knows this.

2. People will talk
Did you know that there was OVER 1 BILLION mobile phones sold in 2009? (Gartner). That’s a lot of people talking, a lot of words, and a lot of conversations. What were people saying about YOUR company last year? “They’re Awesome”? “...Great”? “...Good”? “...Mediocre”? “...Appalling”?

No matter how much marketing you initiate, the power of personal recommendations will always trump your best marketing effort. “Referrals” as they’re known, are the MOST POWERFUL kind of marketing weapon you have in your arsenal, even though they’re not under your control. They infer ENDORSEMENT by nature. People won’t destroy their personal reputation by recommending a bad product. When was the last time you spoke favourably about a product that didn’t work for you? Never... ever.

Marketing starts at the beginning of the product. Skimp here, and you may find yourself paying DEARLY down the track.

Craig Kirby
Marketing Manager
Happen Business.

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Craig Kirby is Marketing Manager of Happen Business. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and sometime in the distant past switched disciplines to Marketing under the pretense it was going to be a walk in the park....)