6 Essential Secrets to Better Workflow
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6/11/2011 11:00 PM

Simply put, workflow refers to the methods or processes that have been put in place to achieve certain goals in a business or organisation. Improving workflow could be the goal of an individual worker, or it could be the goal of a business owner across the entire enterprise. Whatever the case, this article looks at six secrets to improving workflow, from keeping a clean desk to utilising business software.

1. Keep things in order.
Remember, a clean desk equals a clean mind. This includes your computer desktop too. Organise your folders and get rid of all those useless icons that have piled up. A good rule to keep in mind is to use natural breaks in your workflow as an opportunity to tidy up your workspace. When you finish a project, or a section of a project, give your area a quick clean. You'll reap the benefits when you resume working.

2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
If you're tackling a big project, sit down and figure out how you're going to tackle it. It often helps to take on the most unappealing task first; the one that is the most difficult, or perhaps the one that you'll enjoy the least. This way, you won't be stuck with a tough task and minimal levels of enthusiasm as the day (or week) progresses.

3. Manage your personal time.
There needs to be a clear divide between work and play in order to achieve the best workflows. At the most basic level this means not taking work home with you. Your personal time is important and introducing work into this time can quickly lead to burnout. However, you'll also need a little bit of personal time mixed in throughout your work day – set aside half an hour to Facebook, email, text, play games, read -- whatever it is that counts for leisure in your mind.

4. Make the most of downtime.
In every job, you're going to have busy periods and you're going to have quiet periods. Instead of kicking back and enjoying the quiet, use that time to prepare for the busy times. What can you get a head start on? What processes can you put in place to make the hectic days a little easier? By using quiet periods to prepare, you'll eliminate the headaches later on and achieve greater balance in your workflow.

5. Introduce Business Process Management (BPM) techniques.
A workflow is basically a set of business processes that have been put in place to achieve a goal. BPM aims to improve these processes by outlining the goals, designing a way to achieve them, executing the processes, monitoring the results and then tweaking the processes to eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks. By taking this systematic approach to your own workflow, or the workflow of your employees, you'll go a long way to increasing productivity.

6. Use business software.
Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other business software is a great way to improve workflow in your business. ERP software aims to integrate all departments across an organisation into a single software solution, eliminating inefficiencies such as redundant data and human error and promoting streamlined processes throughout the company.

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