Happen Business Unveils Jim2 Business Engine Version 4.2
30/05/2018 4:05 PM

Leading Australian enterprise resource planning software developers Happen Business proudly announce new multilevel manufacturing functionality and user security enhancements to Jim2 Business Engine.

The latest release, Version 4.2, arms sites that upgrade with new features to manage fixed cost manufacturing functionality, perfect for businesses that use multiple sub-assemblies within their manufacturing process.

Jim2 enables these sites to lock in costs at each level of the manufacturing process, while capturing actual labour costs, expenses, and materials costs in the general ledger.

This new addition empowers businesses that run multilevel manufacturing processes to manage each level of the manufacturing workflow in Jim2, capturing quality data in this integrated system, enabling businesses to improve overall visibility using ERP software.

Jim2 v4.2 also features a range of enhancements to user security management that enable businesses, particularly larger sites, to achieve greater visibility over user security access, and match users’ Jim2 security with the multi-faceted roles of their staff.

For staff that job share or perform tasks outside their core role (such as a sales manager performing basic accounts or purchasing activities), new functionality enables managers to attribute multiple role-specific security profiles to a user’s access, which creates a new ‘effective’ security group that reflects the varied nature of their responsibilities. This release also features new tools to review and compare user security ‘By User’ or ‘By Group’, helping managers to review staff system access individually and compared to other users, to ensure they have the right level of access, and identify changes.

This update makes it far easier for businesses to manage Jim2 user access across the board.

Other highlights include:

  • New User Groups field, User Group Category and User Group Tags to sort staff into departments and roles.
  • Enhancement to Items, which enables jobs or sales orders to be allocated to members in select user groups.
  • New Trackable Report logging to record when a user views, exports or prints a Jim2 report.
  • Enhancements to performance with Jim2 Server and Jim2 Client now using less memory, faster at re-loading lookups, and faster at backups.
  • New region-specific field naming, currency, date formatting and GST settings for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Enhancements to nominate multiple email contacts that receive invoicing, statements, purchases, and to ‘email and print’ invoices and statements.
  • New Ship Card tab to CardFiles which displays all associated shipping CardFiles (and contact details).
  • New security option to enable a user to flag all stock as inactive.
  • New Current Locks tab which displays existing locked objects and active user.
  • New stock description added to Jim2 Search.
  • New Daily rate and Base rate meter that takes contract in/out into account.
  • Additional function keys to speed up taking payments.
  • New email rules and email template enhancements.

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We invite you to download the release notes and take a closer look at the enhancements to Jim2 Business Engine.

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