Jim2 takes on construction
30/03/2007 12:00 AM

Jim2 Business Engine announces it has the solution to get the construction equipment industry in control of their consignment stock.

A common problem for equipment and spare parts dealers in the construction industry is not being able to keep track of stock.

Isa Diesel Pty Ltd, who service, repair, and sell earthmoving equipment, struggled to keep track of what parts were being used in jobs, and did not know how much consignment stock they had received, or what had been sold to date.

Jenny Wilson, the owner of Isa Diesel sourced Jim2 Business Engine, an all-in-one Australian made and owned business software package to provide her with a solution.

“Using Jim2, we are now able to keep track of consignment stock we’ve ordered and sold – keeping us in control. This has saved us time and money in staff costs, and increased efficiency in the long run,” said Mrs Wilson.

Jim2 Business Engine not only controls and tracks your stock, it also integrates the workflow and accounting components of your business, and specialises in handling warranty claims, multicurrency, scheduling and more, as your business needs dictate.

“No longer are companies looking for traditional accounting software packages, but for one system that manages both their front and back office, whilst streamlining business processes and increasing their revenue,” said Paul Berger, Managing Director, Happen Business.

Isa Diesel can now understand exactly how the business is progressing, as Jim2 gives them live data on screen, and in their reports. There is now a live link between jobs, purchases, parts and the General Ledger of the business.

Jim2 is designed to make your business more productive and more profitable.

Call (02) 9570 4696 or visit www.happen.biz for your FREE trial of Jim2 Business Engine.

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